Many watch users try to transform the appearance of their model and diversify the character of the watch by choosing the right styles - this allows them to diversify their own style with unusual combinations of outfits and accessories. However, it is often enough to change only the watch strap to completely change the appearance of both the watch and yourself.

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Watch Straps - 16 Mm


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    Cluse Minuit Mesh Gold 16 mm Bracelet Cluse Minuit Mesh Gold 16 mm Bracelet
    €44.00 €37.00

    Cluse Minuit Mesh Gold 16 mm CS1401101029

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    Cluse La Bohème Pink Strap 18 mm Cluse La Bohème Pink Strap 18 mm
    €35.00 €27.00

    Cluse Boho Chic Pink 18 mm CS1408101003

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Your search for the perfect 16 mm wide straps is over - you've just found them. Don't wait - order today and transform the look of your watch!

Which 16 mm strap for your watch should you choose?

16 mm straps rank more or less in the middle of the whole range of straps of different widths. They are one of the most versatile sizes - their width allows them to fit most modern models, especially sports watches, which, due to their purpose, require straps that are slightly wider and more durable. Such are the G-Shock straps for Casio watches, which are distinguished by their considerable resistance to external factors, such as mechanical damage, thanks to which they allow to protect the watch to serve for many years to come. For those who prefer more classic models, our store offers Hirsch watch straps - leather, durable and very elegant, perfectly matching analog watches.