Timex watches owe their popularity, among other things, to their wide range of products. In the collections of Timex watches you can find both sports models, including those designed for professional athletes, and universal and elegant models. Most of them are based on a classic, simple design with a hint of modernity, so that they fit into most everyday and outfit styles.

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Timex Women's Watches


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    Timex Ironman T10 watch Timex Ironman T10 watch
    €67.00 €47.00

    Timex Ironman T10 TW5M19900

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    Timex City Transcend watch Timex City Transcend watch
    €96.00 €72.00

    Timex City Transcend TW2R36100

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    Timex Essential Originals watch Timex Essential Originals watch
    €100.00 €70.00

    Timex Essential Originals T2N598

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  30. Timex City Crystal watch Timex City Crystal watch

    Timex City Crystal TW2U67100

  31. Timex City Crystal watch Timex City Crystal watch

    Timex City Crystal TW2U41200

Most Popular

Timex is a brand that has made itself known to us as a brand that produces watches of the highest quality at a very affordable price. It is no different with Timex women's watches either. Choose Timex women's watches and experience their unique design.

Timex women's watches - a free choice for every woman.

In this category we present Timex women's watches. As an authorized distributor, we have access to the latest and most popular collections, so we can offer our customers watches in a variety of styles. In total, our offer includes dozens of models of Timex women's watches. One of their advantages is affordable prices - in this category customers can find watches at prices starting from less than 200 zlotys. All products offered in our store are new, original and are shipped in company boxes.

Timex women's watches for active women - choose movement!

A proposal for ladies who spend their free time actively and do sports will be Timex Ironman women's watches. These are technologically advanced devices that, in addition to indicating the time, are used to take measurements during training. Among other things, the watches have a function for counting and storing laps, which can be useful during running training. The watches in this series differ from typical sports watches in their subtle design and feminine colors.

Stylish Timex women's watches for every elegant woman.

In this category there is also a place for elegant watches. Our female customers can look for them in the Everyday Dress, Sport Luxury Series With Crystals, Mary Jane Color Updates or Style Collection, among others. The common feature of these watches is the manufacture of high-quality stainless steel and classic colors: silver and gold. Elegant character is added to the watches by specially braided bracelets. Our customers can choose Timex women's watches with round, rectangular or oval dials. Some dials are backlit with Indiglo technology.