Anne Klein is primarily New York chic and the essence of feminine beauty enclosed in every watch model. More than 40 years of experience has led to the brand’s huge success and recognition among customers. The designer of the brand has always appreciated the hidden beauty, and that is why she focused her conception on women’s watches.

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Anne Klein Watches


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    Anne Klein Ceramic Women's Watch Anne Klein Ceramic Women's Watch
    €204.00 €111.00

    Anne Klein Anne Klein Ceramic AK-2835WTGY

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    Anne Klein Ceramic Women's Watch Anne Klein Ceramic Women's Watch
    €154.00 €84.00

    Anne Klein Anne Klein Ceramic AK-1962RGTP

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A watch designed by her is supposed to serve as an accessory that accentuates every woman’s beauty and allows women to feel confident. Her approach to femininity has influenced positive thinking of many women and became even a great inspiration for DKNY brand. Delicate aesthetics, unforced elegance and subtle decorations. The extraordinary talent of Anne Klein has set a new direction in watchmaking.

The extraordinary beauty of Anne Klein watches

The unique, eye-catching style will be appreciated by all ladies who like to stand out. The watches of this brand are a great combination of high elegance and a fashionable look that works in any situation. The New York design stands out from other classic women’s watches as it plays with convention, features many colours and is made of the best materials. Since the style of Anne Klein watches refers to a New York design, these watches have a character and a unique elegance.

Anne Klein watch - the essence of a good taste and sophistication for ladies

Anne Klein watches include timepieces fastened with a beautiful, ceramic or stainless steel bracelet, as well as watches with the leather strap. Everyone will find something for themselves, as there is a wide range of collections of the top quality. What’s more, each watch is signed with the designer’s name. It goes without saying that it will perfectly complement any outfit. The high quality of the watches is guaranteed. 

Choose uniqueness of an Anne Klein watch

Anne Klein surprises with her innovative approach, creating unique watches for exceptional women. The high prestige of the brand is due to many years of hard work, the highest level of products and a good taste. Unusual dials made of unique materials, as well as elegant bracelets made of stainless steel or ceramics attract attention. Amber and pearl are commonly used colours in the manufacturer’s offer. Watches with diamonds can be also found among the offered models. These beautiful gemstones decorate indices, dials and sometimes even the bezels.

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