Autothorized watch retailer

Watchard - an authorised retailer

We are an authorised retailer of all the brands that we sell. It means that all of the products available in our store:

  • come directly from distributors and producers,
  • have a valid manufacturer's warranty in Poland,
  • a manual,
  • and original packaging.

Autothorized watch dealer

Each manufacturer has its own original look of the warranty, packaging and manual.

We recommend buying watches only from authorised retailers, e.g. Watchard. Only then you can be 100% sure that you will receive an original product with the manufacturer's warranty, documentation and original packaging.

Be careful

Many online stores offer watches that do not come from authorised distributors. They are usually replicas or counterfeits. Such stores may not offer a manufacturer’s warranty. They often claim that the only difference between these watches and the watches from the authorised distributors is the price, which is not true as watches sold by such stores do not have a manufacturer’s or dealer’s warranty.

Their products’ authenticity can’t be guaranteed and the received “store warranty” may not be honored by the manufacturer or at an authorised service center.

How to find authorised retailers and stores?

Autothorized watch dealer

First, check the manufacturer's website. Most watch manufacturers include some information about authorised retailers selling their products within the country. If the shop from which you are going to buy a watch is not on such a list, please contact the manufacturer or distributor in your country of residence. The manufacturer’s website may not have updated data, or the shop you are looking for is listed under the company name, other than the address or the name of the shop.