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All the watches we offer are brand new, 100% authentic and from legitimate sources is the perfect place to find the best watch. We cooperate with dozens of distributors and manufacturers in Poland and worldwide. Each supplier is verified by us before starting cooperation and every single watch that we ordered is thoroughly inspected to make sure it’s free of any defects. This is all to ensure our customers receive exactly what they order, i.e. a brand new authentic product without hidden defects. Our watches:

  • come directly from manufacturers or distributors from around the world,
  • have a valid warranty card in the territory of Poland,
  • come with a user manual,
  • are delivered in the original brand box.

authorised dealer Watchard

Each manufacturer has its own original design of a warranty card, brand box or user manual.

We recommend buying watches only from verified sources like Visit our online shopping website and buy a perfect watch for yourself or your loved ones. You can be 100% sure that you’ll receive an authentic product with full manufacturer’s warranty, documentation and the original packaging.

Be careful!

Some online shops sell watches from unverified sources. And that’s why you can buy items that are replicas or fakes. Such shops usually offer their products at very low prices, but don’t inform their customers that they don’t provide them with a warranty card, user manual or even a proof of purchase. This is because they aren’t authorised to offer a manufacturer's warranty or Polish distributor's warranty.

Buy a product on and get:

  • a brand new authentic item,
  • a set of documents, including a proof of purchase, a warranty and a user manual,
  • assistance in the event of service problems - no matter which watch you’ve purchased, you can always return it and we’ll help you to solve the problem.

Certified vendors

The highest quality of products you will find in our store goes hand in hand with qualified, certified salespeople who are dedicated to making your shopping experience at the Watchard a pleasant and successful one. You can get professional advice and assistance from them when choosing a watch.

Trusted Shops Trustmark

Trusted Shops Trustmark passed quality criteria audit and received Trusted Shops Trustmark, which confirms that online shopping in our shop is completely secure and that the quality of the services we offer is of the highest standard. We also provide Buyer Protection, so you don't have to be concerned about a refund in the event of problems (such as a parcel being lost in transit).