Suunto Core watches are designed for people who love activities such as climbing, hiking, scuba diving and many others at both recreational and competitive levels. If you want a top-quality watch and are an active person, go for a Suunto Core smartwatch.

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Suunto Core Watches


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The Suunto Core is equipped with an altimeter, depth gauge, barometer and electronic compass. It also offers clock, stopwatch and calendar functions, modeled on the success of the aged but venerable Suunto Vector, it is its worthy successor that accurately provides us with the information we need. In addition, the watch is equipped with an easy and user-friendly interface that enhances the user's safety in difficult conditions.

Suunto Core watches - ideal for mountain climbing

The Suunto Core altimeter is an indispensable instrument for mountain climbing. The device will tell you the current altitude, provide you with knowledge of the route you have traveled and the elevation difference you have overcome. The Core will also remember for you the entire journey you have made so that you can analyze your performance. Suunto has equipped the Core with a barometer so you can anticipate changes in the capricious mountain weather. In the event of dramatically changing weather conditions, Suunto will warn you of an approaching storm.

Travel in peace with the Alti and Baro modes of the Suunto Core watch

Alti and Baro modes adapt automatically to your actions. The function detects movement and if you take a break Baro mode is activated, which registers changes in atmospheric pressure, while when you climb Alti mode remembers changes in altitude. This is a convenient solution that does not allow us to forget to set the correct reading. The digital compass displays main directions or intermediate directions and the direction of north. The compass can be set to maintain the indicated bearing, which makes it much easier to navigate in the field, ensuring that we do not deviate from the chosen route. Another feature that takes care of our safety is a clock that shows the time of sunrise and sunset. From now on, you don't have to worry about being found at dusk. Core has stored in memory more than 400 locations around the world, just select the location closest to you to know the exact time of sunrise and sunset.

Water sports only with Suunto Core

The watch is equipped with a depth gauge, it is designed for snorkel diving. It informs about the current depth and the maximum depth of immersion. The maximum depth recorded by the device is 10 meters. Suunto Core is the most important outdoor functions enclosed in a lightweight durable case.