Solar watches are a category of timepieces that has caught the attention of watch lovers since its inception. The unique method of obtaining energy from the sun makes the watches extremely environmentally friendly, while the fast charging time and the ability to draw energy at any time is a perfect solution for anyone for whom quality workmanship and reliable construction are of primary importance. One brand that relies on this technology is Citizen, maker of the Citizen Eco-Drive series of watches.

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Citizen Eco-Drive watch, a synonym for excellent mechanism

In the Watch Shop we have many brands that use solar drive, but it is Citizen that dominates the watch market when it comes to drawing energy from light. This is what the Eco-Drive mechanism is characterized by - drawing energy from light, whether natural or artificial. As a result, the watch is powered continuously, while its battery is also impressive - excess energy is stored in it, allowing it to continue powering the watch for another six months after a full charge, even while being in total darkness.

Durability of the Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium watch

It's worth mentioning Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium watches, a special series of Citizen watches built almost entirely from titanium. This material is astonishingly durable, being thus exceptionally resistant to damage, which means that a watch made of it can last in unchanged, beautiful form for years. At the same time, titanium is also unbelievably light, which makes it also used to make parts for space shuttles! Watches made from this material are therefore incredibly light, making them almost impossible to feel on the hand.

Citizen watches in the Watch Shop

Citizen Eco-Drive watches in our offer are guaranteed by the manufacturer Citizen - they are also selected specifically with the needs of users in mind, so everyone will find among them the perfect model and meet all their requirements.