Traser is a manufacturer of high-quality military timepieces, which owing to their quality have managed to overshadow many other brands that offered this type of watches in their collections. Thanks to high resistance and different functions, Traser watches can operate in unfavourable conditions. This feature turned out to be crucial in conquering the market of military watches.

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    Traser Soldier Men's Watch Traser Soldier Men's Watch
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    Traser Soldier TS-106631

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Traser watches are synonymous with precision and the best quality. The Swiss company knows perfectly how to create a device that will appeal to every enthusiast of elegant and innovative watches. The military models stand out significantly from other timepieces in terms of unique design and the use of the most durable materials on the market. Traser can be proud of implementing an innovative method of backlighting watches, which can operate for more than 25 years. This method was developed by the Swiss company mb-microtec and involves the use of tritium, i.e. a hydrogen isotope, which in contact with a phosphor-coated tube starts emitting light. It is worth mentioning that Traser pays attention to every detail of the watches it creates.

Traser military watches are perfect for demanding users

Interestingly, in 1991 Traser watches were supplied to the US army. Their subsequent popularity with civilians proved that solidity, durability and precision are qualities that are desirable not only for soldiers. Today, watches are extremely popular among athletes. Each Traser watch is equipped with a mineral or sapphire crystal, which provides excellent protection against scratches and impacts. The water resistance of up to 200 metres, however, means that users can wear a watch when swimming and diving with or without an aqua-lung.

The Aurora GMT and Officer Pro Gunmetal lines, in turn, present watches that feature the backlighting of the dial and indices. The models from these collections will undoubtedly prove useful for those who use their watch frequently at night.

The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) certifies that each Traser watch meets the requirement of minimum 60% of Swiss value. This is an additional guarantee that these timepieces are reliable and of high quality.

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