Edifice is one of the most popular Casio’s watch collections. Thanks to the casual yet elegant style of its watches, the line finds loyal lovers among men who like luxury and a dynamic lifestyle. The high quality of each watch is ensured by Casio’s technology and the use of the best materials.

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Casio Edifice Watches


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    Casio EDIFICE Men's Watch Casio EDIFICE Men's Watch

    Edifice Casio EFR-552D-1A2VUEF

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  12. Casio EDIFICE Men's Watch Casio EDIFICE Men's Watch

    Edifice Casio EFR-556DB-1AVUEF

  13. Casio EDIFICE Men's Watch Casio EDIFICE Men's Watch

    Edifice Casio EFR-556DB-2AVUEF

  14. Casio EDIFICE Men's Watch Casio EDIFICE Men's Watch

    Edifice Casio EFR-552D-1AVUEF

  15. Casio EDIFICE Men's Watch Casio EDIFICE Men's Watch

    Edifice Casio EF-129D-1AVEF

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    Casio EDIFICE Chronograph Men's Watch Casio EDIFICE Chronograph Men's Watch
    €183.00 €115.00

    Edifice Chronograph EFR-S572D-1AVUEF

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    EDIFICE Classic Men's Watch EDIFICE Classic Men's Watch
    €167.00 €96.00

    Edifice Classic EFR-571DB-1A1VUEF

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Most Popular

Edifice timepieces are models that combine the features of both sports and elegant watches. Thanks to their unique design, elegance and the use of interesting solutions, these watches enjoy great popularity. Its recognition is also due to a wide spectrum of prices as it allows everyone to get to know the brand. A number of patterns and variants of individual models, however, make it possible for everybody to choose a watch that best suits their needs.

The Casio’s Edifice collection as the best line

Edifice watches are usually fastened with bracelets made of high quality stainless steel, but models with a leather strap can also be found in the offer. The watch cases, like the bracelets, are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and damage. Also, all models have hardened mineral crystals. Thanks to that, they are very difficult (but not impossible) to scratch and crack. The water resistance level of Edifice watches is 100m, which allows the user to wear them freely without fear of splashing. You can wear them when swimming in the pool, but you have to remember that these watches are not suitable for diving. Casio has equipped its watches with Neobrite, a special luminous coating of hands and indices that absorbs sunlight. Thanks to this, illumination is provided in the dark after only short exposure to light. These timepieces have alarms - depending on the model there can be as many as 5 of them. Additionally, the watches feature a snooze function. Edifice has also chronographs, which measure time as precisely as an atomic clock, with an accuracy of one-thousandth of a second and the length of measurement is even 24 hours.

Casio focuses on functionality as its watches have functions such as a backlight of the dial, a date display, a world clock to find the current time in all time zones, a solar cell that automatically charges the battery, and a timer. Edifice has also a unique Wave Ceptor function, which synchronises the current time thanks to radio transmitters located in Europe, the United States, Japan and China by receiving radio signals from an atomic clock.

Modern technology in Edifice watches

We live in a dynamic and constantly changing world. Casio has met people’s expectations and created watches with modern technology. Thanks to Bluetooth, the watch can easily connect to a phone or tablet. Watches with this type of wireless communication have a lot more to offer, e.g. change of settings and alarms as well as time synchronisation. For handling your watch you will need an app, CASIO Watch+, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Thanks to this function, Casio’s models belong to the category of hybrid smartwatches, combining the features of classic timepieces and modern smartwatches.

Functionality and reliability - the basic features of Edifice men's watches

Edifice watches are an example of modern functionality enclosed in a classic and durable case. Equipped with a number of additional features, the models impress the most demanding users, as evidenced by positive feedback. The watch case made of the highest quality materials ensures durability and resistance to damage even during the most extreme adventures. Watches from the Edifice collection are an excellent solution for men who value proven solutions. Edifice watches are synonymous with a new, higher level of quality, precision and comfort of use.

Best Japanese movements

The proper operation of timepieces is ensured by top-class Japanese quartz movements, which are widely known for their reliability and extreme precision. Casio is certain of the quality of its watches and therefore gives each product a 3-year warranty with the possibility to extend it up to 6 years. Casio Edifice is more than just a watch. It is an indispensable companion, appreciated by thousands of users all over the world.

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Edifice watches available in our store come exclusively from authorised distribution, and therefore their authenticity and quality is guaranteed. You can buy them in-store and online.