Venezianico is a young Italian brand. It was founded in 2017 thanks to the initiative of Alberto and Alessandro Morelli. The idea behind the project was to create watches that combine Italian craftsmanship with reliable automatic movements powered by special mechanical rotors.

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Venezianico Watches


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The name Venezianico is composed of the adjective “Veneziano” (which means Venetian) and the Latin suffix “ico”, which stands for “way of being”. Each collection is a tribute to Venice and its heritage that goes beyond the boundaries of the city. The Venetian legacy encompasses values passed from generation to generation. Venezianico watches are the result of a continuous creative development, a desire to improve and implement modern solutions, as well as proven materials of the highest quality.

Venezianico watches - tribute to Venice

Venezianico is something more than watches. It’s a manifestation of values and a reflection of Venice's heritage. The logo of the brand is a perfect example of symmetry and intact beauty. It draws inspiration from the cross on the top of the Clock Tower, which is located on the northside of St. Mark’s Square. The design of each watch is no coincidence - it recalls the materials used in the construction of Venice over the centuries. The building bases made of Istria stone can be related to strength and resilience. The grey sandstone, however, is juxtaposed with the sparkling gold, which reflect Venetians’ tenacity, industriousness as well as refinement. Venezianico watches are also characterised by unusual combinations of colours, which convey the designer's emotions and express their soul.

Venezianico - brand with no borders

The Venetians are known for their curiosity and willingness to explore the world and learn about new cultures. Likewise, Venecianico reaches new places without prejudice, including Switzerland, Japan and China. This expansion goes hand in hand with reasonable prices and attention to the high quality of each product. By recognising the needs and expectations of customers, the brand has abandoned insignificant issues in favour of high-quality watches at an attractive price.

Venezianico - sustainability

Venezianico is an environmentally sustainable company. The brand creates only automatic watches that don’t require regular replacement of the quartz battery, which contains harmful substances and heavy metals. Instead, the brand uses recyclable materials and mechanical movements powered by the kinetic energy of your wrist. Venezianico's watch boxes are, on the one hand, extremely chic and elegant, and on the other, made of lightweight packaging made of 95% recyclable paper, thus significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

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