France is not only a beautiful country that we associate with delicious food, great wine, fashion and monuments that take our breath away. It is also a country that has created great watches. Yema watches also belong to this group. The brand is known around the world and creates indestructible watches with timeless design. Which one do you like best?

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Yema Watches

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    Yema Navygraf Marine Nationale Men's Watch Yema Navygraf Marine Nationale Men's Watch
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    Yema Navygraf Marine Nationale YMN39-GMS

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    Yema Meangraf Super Men's Watch Yema Meangraf Super Men's Watch
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    Zegarek męski Yema Spacegraf Zero-G Zegarek męski Yema Spacegraf Zero-G
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    Yema Spacegraf Zero-G YMHF2019-AA

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    Yema Meangraf Super Men's Watch Yema Meangraf Super Men's Watch
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    Yema Meangraf Super YMHF1576-AA

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Yema is a brand that has long been one of the most recognizable French watch companies. No wonder, as the brand's watches are a real treat for any active person who likes timeless design. Check it out right now!

The interesting history of the Yema brand

The history of the Yema brand dates back to 1948. That's when Henry Louis Belmont, the brand's founder, decided to create his watchmaking brand. It was no coincidence that he decided on just such a business. After all, before the war he had graduated from the National Watchmaking School in Besançon, so he had an excellent education related to watches. In the second half of the 1960s, Yema became a major exporter of French watches to more than 50 countries with the production of more than half a million models. Belmonta knew not only watches, but also how to run the brand, so that it became a legend in France. When the popularity of the brand was already high, the brand was taken over by Henry Louis Belmont's son, who decided to sell the brand to Matra. At that time, the brand produced about two million watches a year. A few years later, in 1988, the brand was taken over by Seiko Watch Corporation, which handled its development. After more than twenty years, Yema is bought by French businessman Louis Eric Beckensteiner in 2004 and returns to France for good. Now we can also enjoy it in Poland.

The most interesting series of Yema watches

Yema is best known for its collections, which have often been on everyone's tongues. Yema Superman is an iconic model from 1963. The watch in the assumptions created as a typical diver. The Superman was chosen in the 1960s by the French Air Force, for a watch equipped for military pilots. These are superbly finished watches that were tested in the most difficult situations - in the air. France is also known for car racing. So it is not surprising that in 1968 the brand constructed the Yema Rallygraf series. The watch was equipped with a tachometer and was specially designed for car enthusiasts. The model was created in 1968. The Rallygraf was dedicated to motorsports and was worn by Formula 1 driver Mario Andretti, among others. Interested in overcoming more human limits? Get to know the North Pole series. This is the watch that accompanied Nicolas Hulot and Hubert de Chevigny on their expedition to the North Pole in 1987. So it's easy to see that the Yema watch is a real masterpiece in creating indestructible models for active people. Check out their quality now.

The proprietary MBP1000 movement from Yema

Yema is not just a brand that creates watches with a uniform design. Yema manufacturers are true visionaries. Indeed, they created the MBP1000 movement in 2011, which was entirely designed, developed and assembled in Morteau's workshops. The brand relies on modern technology, so in terms of technology, it is always at the forefront of the world.

Yema watch store in Warsaw

Yema is a manufactory that creates each of its designs with great passion, love and commitment. In our store you will find Yema women's and men's watch collections. Immerse yourself in the world of perfect watches for any occasion!

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