France isn’t only a country with delicious food, good wine, fashion and breathtaking monuments, but also a place where great watches are produced. Yema watches are one of them. The Yema brand is known all over the world for indestructible watches with a timeless design. Which watch do you like the most?

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Yema Watches


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    Zegarek męski Yema Spacegraf Zero-G Zegarek męski Yema Spacegraf Zero-G
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    Yema Spacegraf Zero-G YMHF2019-AA

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Yema has long been one of the most recognisable French watch companies. And this isn't surprising as Yema watches are a real treat for every active person who likes timeless design. Check them out now!

Yema’s story

Yema was founded in 1948 by Henry Louis Belmont. It wasn't a coincidence that he created his own watchmaking company, as he was very well-educated in this field. He graduated from the National Watchmaking School of Besançon in 1931. In the late 60s Yema became the leading French Watch Exporter with more than 500,000 watches sold every year across 50 countries. Belmont wasn’t only educated in watches, but also very good at running the company, so that Yema quickly became a renowned brand in France. In 1982 Henry Louis Belmont's son sold the brand to Matra (Groupe Lagardère). At that time the brand produced around 2 million watches per year. A few years later, in 1988, the company was acquired by the Seiko Watch Corporation. Yema returned to French hands in 2004 through a buyout by Louis Eric Beckensteiner.

Interesting Yema’s collections

Yema Superman is a legendary watch collection that was launched in 1963. Superman watches were first created for diving professionals thanks to their high water resistance rating of 300m. In the 60s Yema Superman watches were chosen by the French Air Force to equip its pilots. The watches are considered one of the most finely finished models that have been tested in the harshest conditions possible, i.e. in the air. France is also known for car racing. That’s why it’s not surprising that in 1968 the brand launched the Yema Rallygraf collection made for car enthusiasts. Yema Rallygraf watches are dedicated to motorsport, are equipped with a tachymeter and were worn, among others, by a former Formula One driver Mario Andretti. Want to overcome human limitations? North Pole watches are for you! That was the Yema North Pole watch that accompanied Nicolas Hulot and Hubert de Chevigny in the exploit of the North Pole in 1987. So, it’s easy to see that Yema is a master in creating indestructible models for active people. Check out their high quality right now!

Yema’s proprietary watch movement: Caliber MBP1000

Yema doesn’t only produce watches with a uniform design. In fact, in 2011 the brand created its proprietary watch movement MBP1000, entirely designed, developed and assembled in Morteau. The French company is committed to using the latest technological innovations. In terms of technology, it’s considered to be one of the top watch brands.

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