Since ancient times, gold has been famous as a great way to emphasize your status and mark your wealth. Today, it is the perfect material for creating the envelope of a luxury watch, which will show how great a timepiece lover you are and how you appreciate their extraordinary workmanship. It is also a fantastic opportunity to opt not only for a watch that is beautiful, but also made with due care and precision of the mechanism - because only such are covered with gold, not to stop at the external appearance.

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Gold Men's Watches


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  4. Gold watch - 18K Gold (Au 750)
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  6. Gold watch - 18K Gold (Au 750)
  7. Unique gift ☆ Elegant case
  8. Unique gift ☆ Elegant case
  9. Gold watch - 18K Gold (Au 750)
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  14. Gold watch - 18K Gold (Au 750)
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  16. Gold watch - 18K Gold (Au 750)
  17. Gold watch - 18K Gold (Au 750)
Most Popular

In Zegarownia store we have watches with envelopes equipped with 14K gold, from 15 to 20 grams - these are timepieces by Atlantic, one of the leading Swiss watch manufacturers. This is guaranteed not only by a well-designed timepiece, but also by its precise mechanism - and Swiss factories are famous for building the best ones.

Choose a gold men's watch to dazzle everyone

Gold watches go perfectly with an elegant outfit, such as a suit or even a shirt. They will work great as an accessory for the office or for an important event, such as a wedding and reception. They will also blend in perfectly with a formal outfit, so they will prove to be a perfect complement to your outfit at a business meeting. A gold watch will show everyone that you can take care of expensive items, which translates into your care in other aspects of life as well.

Is it worth choosing a men's gold watch?

Definitely yes - not only will it emphasize your style and elegance, but it will also be a perfect gift for a loved one. Can you imagine a better gift idea than a luxury watch in addition having a gold envelope? It will be the perfect gift for round anniversaries, such as birthdays or wedding anniversaries.