Ciga Design is a young but rapidly growing brand. During its operation, it has won many awards and accolades, making it a respected company in the watch industry. Want to experience an inspiring encounter with art? Check out our offer has watches of this brand and get inspired by the devices designed with heart and attention to every element.

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Ciga Design Watches


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  10. Ciga R Danish Rose Ladies Watch Ciga R Danish Rose Ladies Watch
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Ciga Design has only recently entered the international arena, but it already has its own important and respected position among watch makers around the world. It has its roots in Asia, where its founder comes from, but its aspirations are much bigger. The brand has decided to conquer Europe, so we can enjoy unique watches in Poland as well. Will Ciga also win your affection?

Ciga Design - exceptional automatic watches

The activity of the Ciga brand is not long, but it is developing very rapidly. It was established in 2012. Its founder is a designer with global reach. Zhang Jianming is a man with more than 30 years of experience, whose main interest is industrial design. He is a highly respected man in his native China - he is one of the country's 10 industrial designers. It was Jianming who came up with the idea of creating a watch brand based on the best materials and excellent design. Communing with this brand of devices is supposed to be exclusive and inspiring. Ciga is constantly expanding its business - in 2018 it began cooperation with Xiaomi, and in 2019 its business has already become international. It's time to conquer the Polish watchmaking market!

Ciga Design watches valued in international competitions

Ciga is a brand standing for excellent design. Their designs are a real treat for any fan of the art of watchmaking. It is a company valued not only by customers, but also by the industry. Ciga Design has won many important awards, which include the Red Dot Design Award won as many as ten times! But that's not all - the brand has also won the iF Gold Award and was the first Chinese company to exhibit its products in the Brand Hall at the Baselworld watch festival. As you can see, Cita is not slowing down. What will it surprise us with in the future?

Ciga Design watch - an elegant accessory for every woman

Ciga watches are a treat for any woman who appreciates unique style and sublime combinations of forms, colors and materials. Especially for ladies, the designers of the brand create real works of art, which will complement styling with a unique accessory in an interesting way.

The most beautiful moment in the life of a rose is the stage of its flowering. Ciga Design has frozen this unique moment in a watch, thanks to which you can savor the essence of the Danish rose garden, which releases a sense of peace. Ciga Danish Rose is a model aimed at subtle women who love sophisticated accessories. The model resembles a beautiful rose on the dial and the envelope. Included with the watch is also a necklace with a rose-shaped pendant decorated with Swarovski crystals. Do you prefer to sparkle? Nothing lost! Ciga Design Galaxy Ladies watches are devices for women who like to stand out in the crowd. There are many sparkling crystals on the dial of the watch, making this model a jewelry accessory.

Ciga watches for the stylish man

The combination of elegance and sport has never been so simple. Proof of this is the multitude of Ciga Design series constructed in the style of sporty elegance. Do you like skeleton dials, but don't want to give up the elongated dial and colorful strap? Check out the range of Titanium, Aircraft Carrier, Exploration and Full Hollow watches. The models of these collections are a true masterpiece of watchmaking art and an original accessory for any man. However, if you are looking for something more classic check out the offer of the Fang Yuan series and models created by designer Michael Young. Whichever model you choose, a Ciga Design watch will certainly not disappoint you.

Ciga Design watch store in Warsaw, Poland.

The Ciga brand is created by creative designers with an unconventional style, so it impresses with its innovative design. In our store you will find collections of men's and women's Ciga Design watches. Immerse yourself in the world of perfect watches for any occasion and choose a model of the Ciga brand!

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