Meet compact sports watches with GPS navigation and long battery life - Suunto 5! Watches that allow you to maximize your focus on your goal.

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Suunto 5 Watches

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Suunto 5 - sports watches from Suunto

Thenew Suunto 5 series of sports watches was created for people who are not professional athletes, but are constantly striving to improve their performance, to break records and to constantly overcome new limits. Suunto 5 is the answer to the need to focus on the goal and catch the right rhythm during repetitive exercises. It's also an activity tracker - including outside sports - and sleep quality monitoring. A personal sports trainer and vitality advisor have never been so close!

Suunto 5 watches - characteristics

The compact size of the Suunto 5 series models goes hand in hand with exceptional battery life, even with an active GPS connection. This makes it reliable and convenient to navigate the designated route. On the plus side, there are intelligent modes for controlling battery consumption levels, inherited from the already known Suunto 9. The entire system, along with more than 80 sports modes and smartphone notifications when paired with the Suunto App, is enclosed in an unbelievably lightweight and comfortable-to-use envelope, mounted on interchangeable straps with a Quick-release system.

Suunto 5 - Value Pack

When you buy Suunto 5 sports watches, you have the option to connect your watch with your favorite apps to analyze your activities even better. In addition, you'll search for clues about your workout, create a 3D video of your running or cycling route, and share your results on social networks.

Suunto 5 also offers an Economy Value Pack - benefits and discounts on services provided by our partners - so you can improve the effectiveness of your training, increase the scope of your outdoor experience and get help in achieving your goals.

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