Guess women's jewelry is in a class of its own. Perfect combinations of different conventions, motifs and styles are the best solution for any woman looking for something more than simple everyday adornments. Thanks to such combinations, Guess jewelry becomes a timeless synonym of charm, style and a touch of extravagance for any occasion.

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Guess Jewellery


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Guess jewelry for her

At Zegarownia store we know very well how important it is to be unconventional, unique and stand out from the crowd. With Guess jewelry this is possible - thanks to the use of both stainless steel of different shapes, as well as crystals and material, a unique, one-of-a-kind look can be achieved, referring directly to the unique and unusual nature of each woman. On the other hand, numerous variants and designs will provide individual connections for each woman, through which she will outline and show her charm and femininity.

Guess earrings

Among Guess jewelry you can find amazing earrings, both with clasp in the form of pins and hanging earrings. The variety of models allows you to compose your own set in combination with beautiful rings or necklaces. These, in turn, are constructed of stainless steel in silver or gold, and also in the case of some models form an integral whole with earrings. By choosing such a set, you can be sure of an amazing and unique look. Additional ornaments in the form of crystals will only intensify the effect and give a subtle, interesting shine.