Gemini brand natural stone bracelets - brand history: Founded in 2013 by twin brothers, Gemini is now the largest manufacturer of natural stone bracelets in Europe. The bracelets are handmade in Belgium and use stones from all over the world - Mexico, Eastern Europe and Asia. Each of the stones used has a different power and purpose. For example, Sodalite protects against negative energy, Howlite soothes nerves and stress, and Tiger's Eye helps you achieve your goals.

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Gemini Bracelets

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Gemini Company Philosophy

The company's philosophy is based on three pillars: being natural - as are the stones used by the manufacturers; being social - the brand supports the local labor market; and being different - the company avoids office work by working across Europe and does not use Photoshop to edit photos - so what we see in the photos fully reflects the look and feel of Gemini jewelry.

Gemini jewelry collections

In its offer, the Gemini brand has numerous collections of bracelets that will be a great addition to both men's and women's outfits. Among them we can mention the Classic series, which is distinguished by colorful stones, Basic - with a slightly monochromatic expression, Special, which has bracelets on leather straps, and the Must have series with a slightly metallic sheen and Bestsellers, which is a collection of the most popular motifs. Due to the fact that the beads are produced by hand, from natural stones, each of them has its own unique look and expression. Complemented with pendants in the form of crosses, skulls, Buddha and the company's logo, they create a unique whole, which will not only be timeless, but will also attract many gazes.