Alpina is the leader among Swiss watch manufacturers. Thanks to its courage in creating revolutionary solutions and attention to every detail, the company quickly reached an excellent level of its products. It is appreciated by even the most demanding customers, such as professional athletes, mountain rescuers or firefighters.

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    Alpina Seastrong Diver Men's Watch Alpina Seastrong Diver Men's Watch
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    Alpina Seastrong Diver AL-247LGG4TV6B

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  14. Alpina Alpiner Men's Watch Alpina Alpiner Men's Watch

    Alpina Alpiner AL-240NS4E6B

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Alpina is one of the Swiss brands that over the years, thanks to its perseverance, new ideas and constant development, has achieved mastery in designing and manufacturing watches. Its watches are protected from damage by the use of advanced technologies.

The beginnings of Alpina watches

The company was born in 1883 as a union of several manufacturers that produced components for watch movements. Gottlieb Hauser, the founder of the Swiss Watchmakers Corporation, wanted to follow the example of the mountain climbers who reach the peaks together and lead the Swiss watchmaking industry in a similar way. Hauser dreamt of unifying the Swiss watchmakers. All together they would design the most efficient mechanisms and incorporate them in the most beautiful watches. The union soon began to make its own movements. In 1901, the group decided to release movements with the logo of Alpina in order to prevent other brands from using advanced movements. A few years later, watches with this logo were created. In 1920, Alpina watches were being sold all over Europe in more than 2000 outlets. In 1938, on the other hand, Alpina released its legendary watch, Alpina 4, which was supposed to be an ideal device for athletes, mountain rescuers or firefighters owing to its high durability and resistance to shocks and magnetic fields. Despite the quartz revolution, which plunged the mechanical watch market into a deep crisis in the 1970s, Alpina remained an independent brand. Its innovative ideas are still being developed in the headquarters in Geneva.

What distinguishes Alpina watches from other brands?

Alpina watches are characterised by their extraordinary accuracy. Swiss precision and attention to detail are the hallmark of this brand. No wonder that the entire Alpiner 4 line includes extremely efficient automatic movements. They are very well protected thanks to the use of diverse solutions. First of all, high-grade stainless steel protects the mechanism from physical damage. Secondly, the high level of water resistance, usually corresponding to 100 metres, prevents the watch from getting damaged due to splashes of water. Thirdly, Alpina’s proprietary shock protection system prevents the mechanism from being damaged by falls or impacts. Last but not least, a protection system eliminates changes in the operation of the watch caused by magnetic fields, and therefore its correct functioning is ensured.

The Alpina watch goes with the spirit of the times! Choose the Alpina smartwatch!

Another interesting proposal is Alpina AlpinerX Hybrid Smartwatch. This smartwatch is an evidence of the brand’s ever-evolving projects. Contrary to standard Alpina watch lines, this smartwatch can be paired with a phone, is equipped with an activity tracker and a training system that provides the user with continuous feedback on exercises. It's a great choice for anyone who values quality and technology.

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