Functional compasses from the renowned Finnish brand Suunto, known for creating high-quality, precise outdoor equipment. The Suunto compass is the perfect addition to your outdoor gear.

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Suunto Compasses


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A Suunto compass is an essential addition to your equipment. With its ergonomic shape, high-tech features and excellent precision, it will ensure comfort and safety on both hiking and high-performance expeditions.

Suunto compasses – functionality and precision

The precision of Suunto devices starts with the design. An essential element of each compass is an accurately balanced, stone-bearing steel needle. The user can additionally benefit from an inclinometer, an adjustable declination correction scale, and their work with the Suunto compass will definitely be improved by the floral markings, making it easier to read after dark. Discover their full functionality by choosing one of the available models.

Suunto compasses and their comfortable design

We can recognise very good quality devices not only by their advanced functionality, but also by their thoughtful design. Suunto compasses are ergonomically designed. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between a comfortable compass resembling a matchbox or a model on a plate with additional features, such as a magnifying glass, useful for working with a map. They can be attached to the wrist, watch strap, backpack sleeve or hung around the neck.

Suunto compass shop

We have a range of outdoor accessories including Suunto compasses, which are aimed at amateur hikers as well as professionals, mountaineers or divers. Don't wait and choose proven equipment from the Finnish manufacturer.