Carl von Zeyten is a brand that was born out of a passion for creating sophisticated models. This extraordinary brand was born 50 years ago and from the very beginning has gained a group of loyal customers. What is unique about the brand's watches? German precision in creating high-quality models that will please the eye with their design of their owner. Watches of this brand are timeless and fit into any styling.

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Carl Von Zeyten Watches


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    Carl von Zeyten Hornberg ladies watch Carl von Zeyten Hornberg ladies watch
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    Carl von Zeyten Hornberg CVZ0068RWHM

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Swiss watches are considered the best in the world - everyone has heard about it. But not everyone knows that German watches are not at all inferior to them. All thanks to the grain of truth found in the stereotype of extremely hard-working and accurate Germans, as evidenced by Carl von Zeyten watches.

The remarkable history of the Carl von Zeyten watch brand

The Carl von Zeyten brand was established in Germany in the middle of the last century. The founder, Carl von Zeyten, decided to achieve as much as possible in his profession and decided to produce the highest quality watches. He began working on proprietary models, which he constantly developed, and also took care of issues related to the assembly of the various series and also their servicing. Thanks to his extraordinary perseverance, his fame spread far beyond the Black Forest and Eisenbach. He did not rest on his laurels, however, but made many trips to further his education. He visited watchmaking factories in England and Switzerland, thanks to which he discovered that some materials were suitable for certain parts in watches, while others were not. As a result, he was able to modernize the production process so that the watches were much more efficient and accurate.

After many years, the brand was reactivated and was able to present the fruits of Carl von Zeyten's labor - watches that are by all means excellent and use the latest technology when creating models.

What do Carl von Zeyten watches look like?

Carl von Zeyten models of men's watches are made with incredible accuracy and attention to detail. A large number of specimens represent made in the convention of a skeleton watch, that is, a model with a dial that reveals the secrets of the mechanism contained inside. This can be particularly valuable for curious people who like to know how every object they own works. Some Carl von Zeyten watches have so-called open heart windows, allowing one to watch some of the components of the drive system, mainly the balances, rotating during operation. These not infrequently stand out with a supporting bridge, additionally engraved in fancy patterns or polished. This is great news for people who are looking for something unique in watches that other models do not have. However, the brand does not hesitate to experiment - some of the watches introduce double balances, which, thanks to the open heart window, attract the eye and give an avant-garde touch to each model. A great example is the collector's Carl von Zeyten Black Forest model, with a particularly beautiful execution.

Choose a Carl von Zeyten watch - the ideal for a lover of good style

Carl von Zeyten watches are distinguished by their unique, avant-garde design. This does not mean that there is a lack of models with a classic look among them. However, it is the stylistically innovative models that reign supreme in the offer of the German manufacturer. Their unconventional appearance, in particular the characteristic uncovering of the mechanisms, the use of ornate bridges to support the balances and the classic Geneva stripes on the pendulums are just some of the advantages of these unusual watches. It is worth mentioning that the brand uses the best mechanisms from renowned manufacturers such as Japanese Miyota and Swiss ETA. So don't wait and order some of the most interesting watches now and see for yourself how perfectly they fit your style.

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Carl von Zeyten watch store in Warsaw

Carl von Zeyten is committed to creating classic watches with soul. Check out the offer of our stationary store or website and choose the model most beautifying your wrist. Zegarownia store is an authorized dealer of Carl von Zeyten brand. In Warsaw you will find watches of this brand at the best prices.