Carl von Zeyten is driven by a passion of making unique watches. This brand was founded over 50 years ago and since the very beginning it gained a group of devoted customers. What is so special about those watches? Probably it’s this world-renowned German precision in making high quality products, which are unbelievably aesthetic. Carl von Zeyten watches are characterized by timeless designs and ability to make any outfit look better.

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Carl Von Zeyten Watches


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Swiss watches are considered being the best ones in the world - everyone heard that. However, not many people know that German watches are no worse. It’s due to the not-so-false stereotype of hard-working and precise Germans. And Carl von Zeyten watches are the best proof of that.

Unbelievable story of Carl von Zeyten watches

The brand was founded in the middle of the last century. The founder, Carl, wanted to achieve something extraordinary in the world of watchmaking and he decided on producing best-quality watches. He started to work on original models, which he constantly improved. He also looked after montage of particular series and servicing. Due to incredible persistence, his fame soon spread outside of Schwarzwald and Eisenbach. Even that wasn’t enough for him, so he kept traveling in order to gain additional qualifications. He visited watch factories in England and Switzerland, where he found out which materials are the best for particular watches and movements. This allowed him to modernize the production process, to make his watches even more precise and productive.

After many years, the brand was reactivated and could present the masterpieces of Carl von Zeyten - watches that are not only technically perfect, but also very advanced in terms of modern technologies.

What characterizes Carl von Zeyten watches?

All Carl von Zeyten watches are made with incredible precision and passion. Many of them are characterized by amazing skeleton dials, which reveal all secrets of the movement. If someone is interested to see how a watch actually works, it’s a perfect way to find out. Some Carl von Zeyten watches have an open heart, which is a small aperture on a dial exposing a part of the movement, usually a balance. Often, it is decorated, which provides fascinating visual effect. Those type of watches are perfect for someone who is looking for an unusual product. The brand is definitely not afraid to experiment - part of the watches have double balance wheel, which visible through an open heart, gives an astonishing effect. The most perfect example is probably limited Carl von Zeyten Black Forest model, which is characterized by beautiful detail work.

Why Carl von Zeyten watch is perfect for you?

Carl von Zeyten watches are characterized by unique, avant-garde designs. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we won’t find any classic watches in the brand’s offer. However, the company is known for many innovative and unusual models. Their outstanding patterns, movement exposure, and decorative elements are just some of its advantages. The brand is using only high quality movements from the companies like Japanese Miyota or Swiss ETA. Don’t wait any longer and order one of the most interesting watches on the market now. It will definitely suit your style!

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