There are many tritium-lit models in the Clock Shop. We select them with great care in order to put the best and highest quality ones at your fingertips. Among the watches selected by us you are sure to find something for yourself.

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Watches With Tritium


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    Vostok Europe Anchar Chronograph Men's Watch Vostok Europe Anchar Chronograph Men's Watch
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    Vostok Europe Anchar Chronograph 6S21-510A583

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Tritium backlighting is one of the most popular methods used by manufacturers to illuminate watches. Otherwise known as H3, it takes its name from the chemical formula of the element from which it is made. It is a very effective way to effectively illuminate the dial after dark, so we can check the time in any conditions.

Tritium backlighting - how does it work?

Tritium backlighting is very popular for several reasons. First of all, it does not require special activation - it turns on by itself, so we do not have to trouble ourselves with pressing the button. Another advantage is that tritium does not require power in the form of a battery or rechargeable batteries - the whole process takes place thanks to the chemical reaction it enters into with the luminophore in the glass tubes. The backlight is also characterized by long life. It is able to work without interruption even more than two decades. In addition, it is much stronger than classic fluorescent coatings.

Operation of tritium backlighting

Tritium backlight technology is one of the most advanced methods of illuminating the watch face. This technology was developed by the Swiss brand mb-microtec. What does it rely on? These are glass tubes attached to the dial and hands of the watch, which are coated with a luminescent compound called a luminophore. Emitted electrons from tritium gas activate the luminescent luminophore afterwards. They are interconnected and hermetically sealed. This keeps every user of a tritium-lit watch safe, as tritium has no right to escape from the watch to the outside world. mb-microtec is one of the few companies that can produce such advanced backlights, and the whole process can only be done by specialized specialists.

Why are there so few tritium-lit watches?

Tritium-lit watches are not as popular as other methods of illuminating the watch face. All because of the misconception that tritium gives off radioactive radiation. The annual radiation dose from tritium attached to a watch is 30000 times less than the dose of the average natural annual radiation on earth. Tritium baton manufacturers therefore stress that a watch equipped with tritium backlighting is completely harmless.

Top watches with tritium

In our offer you can find models with tritium backlighting from many manufacturers. One of the leading ones is certainly Ball, a brand that has been operating since the 19th century. Its models are characterized by the highest quality workmanship. Popular choices when it comes to tritium also include Invicta and Traser watches.

Store for tritium-lit watches in Warsaw.

Brands producing tritium watches are distinguished by their technological advancement and excellent design. In our store you will find collections of men's and women's tritium-light watches.