Tissot women's watches are an extraordinary offering for women who appreciate the combination of style and fashion with reliability. Tissot models impress with their lightness, which goes hand in hand with delicacy. This impression has been achieved through the use of elegant straps or graceful bracelets. The dials are decorated with elegant indexes and slender hands. All this adds up to a tasteful and elegant accessory for many occasions.

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Tissot Women's Watches


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If you're looking for a high-quality watch with a unique character, you're sure to find something for you in the Tissot range. A wide cross-section of designs, forms and colors definitely makes the choice more interesting!

Tissot women's watches - high quality and unique design

Why have Tissot women's watches already won so many hearts and are the objects of many women's sighs? The decisive factor is, of course, their quality. Quality stainless steel with PVD-applied coatings is used here for the envelopes and bracelets. Straps are sewn from natural leather, and the dials are covered with hard sapphire glass. Among the various decorations, we find diamonds, mother-of-pearl, stylized indexes or gold.

More than 150 years of history encapsulated in Tissot women's watches

We associate the Tissot brand with a long history, remembering back to the 19th century. For this reason, the watches created by the manufactory can be considered prestigious. They are often called small works of art.

Confirmation of the memory of the brand's tradition are Tissot women's watches referring to iconic models of the past - an example of this is the PRX line, the creators of which were inspired by the popular original from the 1970s, and the Tissot Heritage Memphis Lady collection drawing on the original created in collaboration with Italian designer Ettor Sottass in the 1980s of the last century.

Tissot's iconic women's watch collections.

What collections does the manufacturer offer us? In addition to the aforementioned models modeled on those popular in the past, we can choose from classics such as Tissot Everytime, Tissot T-My Lady or the Classic Dream series. For fans of more distinctive accessories, Tissot PR 100 models with sporty accents or diamond-studded Tissot Le Locle Diamonds watches will be ideal.

How about Tissot women's watches with interchangeable straps?

With interchangeable straps, you have a wide range of options when it comes to quickly changing the look of your watch. For fashion lovers who would like to easily change the character of their accessory, the brand has prepared special sets that include, in addition to the watch, additional straps - all matching the design of the envelope. There is also an option to buy separately the strap you are interested in. Here, too, you will be surprised by the multitude of choices!

Check our offer and choose a Tissot women's watch perfectly matched to your requirements. The brand has been engaged in watchmaking for so many years that the guarantee of quality is certain here!

Store for Tissot women's watches in Warsaw.

Visit our online store or stationary store in Warsaw and find your dream Tissot watch. All models come from an authorized distributor, come with a 2-year warranty and are packaged in original boxes. The manufacturer also labels them with a certificate of originality.

Check out our offer today. We are an authorized distributor of the Tissot brand, which you can check at: http://www.tissot.ch/?mod_stores by typing the name of our store into the browser window.