Fossil Smartwatches combine modern design, practical equipment and solid construction. The American brand is constantly improving its models, and the result is the release of the fifth generation of Fossil Smartwatches on the market. The use of innovative technologies attracts new customers every day, whose fast lifestyle is facilitated by the multifunctional smartwatch. The functionality of these devices works well both at work, in the gym and during everyday activities. Find out what else will surprise you with the latest smartwatch.

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Fossil Smartwatches


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A new generation of smartwatches has arrived! It offers a number of new possibilities, including the ability to pay with a watch, a new Bluetooth low energy module and a microphone for voice commands. What else do these watches have?

What makes Fossil Smartwatches stand out?

Fossil Smartwatches is a line of modern smartwatches combining original design and the latest technological solutions. Their style refers to classic watches, which have been produced for years by this manufacturer, known for the high quality of its products. Fossil is an American brand, established 30 years ago, which since the very beginning of its existence has been systematically gaining popularity all over the world owing to its unique solutions in the field of watch production technology. At first glance, we can see that the 1950s were one of the inspirations for the appearance of the brand’s watches. Stylish, classic design solutions combined with modern movements of timepieces conquer the hearts of users.

Fossil Smartwatches - choose the technology that is convenient for you

The Fossil Smartwatches collection is the brand’s response to the ever-growing market expectations regarding smartwatches. Models of this line can be divided into two types: hybrid and touch-screen models. The former models combine the look of a classic analogue watch with the functionality of a smartwatch. They have Bluetooth connectivity, the ability to set notifications (from social media apps, SMS, e-mail) on the dial, tools designed to measure activity and a number of additional functions offered by built-in Wear OS, compatible with Android and iOS systems. Fossil Smartwatches Gen 4, on the other hand, are equipped with a touch screen, which allows you to change the appearance of the dial, control your smartphone or adjust the watch’s functionality to your needs.

Fossil Smartwatches Gen 4 - beautiful design and modern technology

If we thought that the third generation was a revolution, then the fourth is definitely a new world for the modern watch industry. The Fossil models of the fourth generation have a number of innovative features, such as payment with the watch (thanks to Google Pay) and a microphone that allows you to perform voice commands (according to analysts, already 50% of searches will be performed by voice within the next years). To save energy, a Bluetooth version 4.1 module has also been used, which is distinguished by its low power consumption. The quick charging module, however, allows the smartwatch to be immediately restored to use after the battery is discharged.

Fossil Smartwatches with Wear OS

The devices are equipped with Wear OS and Intel components. They allow for versatile use of the watch and offer a range of useful everyday functions that vary from model to model depending on user requirements. These smartwatches have much more to offer.

The Fossil smartwatches Gen 4 have both a microphone and speaker. They can be used to control other devices through voice commands, including answering emails and text messages. The smartwatch will also inform you about the weather forecast or the traffic volume while driving.

Features of Fossil Smartwatches

Elegant cases of the Fossil Smartwatches are made of high quality stainless steel. They are equipped with authentic leather straps that can be changed at any time. To fully adapt to your needs, Fossil Smartwatches allow you to personalise your dials. All this means that Fossil Smartwatches do not lack unique style and elegance.

Fossil Smartwatches for women

Among the Fossil Smartwatches, the Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR line should be particularly distinguished. It is the perfect proposal for every woman. The Venture line seems refined in every possible way. Watches from this line can be controlled by voice thanks to the built-in microphone. Moreover, they have a built-in activity tracker and can update the time according to the time zone. The Google Now app allows you to receive important notifications, including those concerning public transport or calendar appointments. Thanks to the built-in Google Pay module, however, you can pay with your watch just like a credit card.

Choose Fossil Smartwatches Gen 4 if you are looking for reliable models that will always support you, no matter what you do. See what they will surprise you with!

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