The brand called Out of Order offers exceptional vintage-inspired watches that are hard to miss. The manufacturer employs a patented manufacturing and finishing process to give each model a unique look. Choose reliability and indispensable style!

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Out Of Order Watches


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Out of Order is an Italian brand that has set itself apart from its competitors by offering unique watches. All of the brand’s collections are characterised not only by original style, but also by high-quality materials. If you are a lover of vintage style, want to add some sparkle to your outfits and care about quality, then you should definitely check out the manufacturer’s collections.

Out of Order – how were they made?

Out of Order watches are something completely new on the market. The idea to create well-worn vintage timepieces came about by accident. One day, a co-founder of the company, Riccardo Torrisi, damaged his expensive watch and, unfortunately, didn’t have enough money to repair it. This inspired him to create something completely new with Claudio Dalla Mora and Dario Ceolotto. Together they established the Out of Order brand in 2013 that offers unique timepieces with the characteristic finish “Damaged in Italy”.

Italian style and quality worthy of a champion – Out of Order watches

Don’t be misled by the damaged, old-looking appearance of Out of Order watches. In fact, all these devices are high-quality products that will appeal to even the most discerning customers. Ther design is extremely interesting and difficult to find anywhere else. Out of Order watches feature precise movements, have a high water resistance rating and can handle even the most difficult conditions. Indeed, they can serve you for many years to come. The brand’s offer is so wide that both lovers of leather straps and bracelets are sure to find something for themselves. Each watch features a distinctive dial that comes with the name of the brand and the characteristic finish “Damaged in Italy”.

Out of Order – watches with a sense of humour

Out of Order watches contrast with other “serious” timepieces available on the market. The brand isn’t afraid of adding some funny elements to its watches. From the very first glance one is struck by the “Damaged in Italy” mark used in place of the “Made in Italy” one. Plus, some models feature sentences such as “Pizza with pineapple is not pizza” or “Do not cook spaghetti for more than 8 minutes”. So, it seems that the very name of the Out of Order brand was well planned and intended. Although Out of Order watches don’t look like high-quality products, their performance is sure to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Not only are they powered by intricate Swiss movements, but they also have a high water resistance rating and a tough design that allows them to handle even the most difficult conditions.

Out of Order watches – for whom?

These unique Italian timepieces have been created for all those who value exceptional design. The look of well-worn watches is the essence of vintage style. Play with fashion and create a new version of yourself!