Adriatica belongs to one of the most respected watchmaking manufactures. Many years of experience dating back to nearly 90 years has allowed the manufacture of watches of the highest quality. Users of Adriatica watches, value them primarily for their long-lasting durability, mechanism performance and exceptional design.

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Adriatica Watches


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    Adriatica Aviator Men's Watch Adriatica Aviator Men's Watch

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    Adriatica Classic Men's Watch Adriatica Classic Men's Watch

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    Adriatica Pairs watch Adriatica Pairs watch
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    Adriatica Multifunction watch Adriatica Multifunction watch
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    Adriatica Classic watch Adriatica Classic watch
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    Adriatica Moonphase watch Adriatica Moonphase watch
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    Adriatica Moonphase A1297.5265QM

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Nothing emphasizes a man's style and character more than the watch on his hand. It is important that it is made with care and attention to every detail, which guarantees comfortable wearing, and satisfaction among customers. Adriatica perfectly meets their expectations. The brand offers a wide range of watches, from classic or automatic models to quartz watches. Get acquainted with the offer of this Swiss brand now.

History of the Adriatica watch brand

At first there were two separate companies - Adria and Adriatica, which merged only after a century of watch production. In Poland, Adriatica watches appeared in the early 1990s and quickly became synonymous with exclusive, but at the same time accessible, Swiss watches.

Over the years of the brand's existence, the watches have managed to win the appreciation of thousands of users. All thanks to constantly keeping up with the times (including joining the "quartz revolution") and at the same time maintaining classic designs. It is the combination of the use of modern materials, technologies and production methods along with the maintenance of the established old motifs that makes Adriatica watches enjoy enduring success and the position of one of the leaders in the Swiss watch market.

Swiss Adriatica watches are divided into series aimed at elegant women, characterized by a special commitment to a distinguished and modest style, men's Adriatica watches, among which every man will find the perfect watch for a suit or choose a model with sporty connotations. You can also find aviator styled watches Each series differs from each other, but what all these watches have in common are: proven mechanisms, high quality workmanship and unique and stylish design - refreshed classics that never go out of fashion.

Swiss origin of Adriatica watches

Adriatica is one of the most recognized and respected brands among Swiss manufactures. It began its production in 1931 in the Swiss town of Montilier. It quickly gained recognition. So the brand's manufacturers sought to expand their business, improving Adriatica watches and enlarging their production facility. In 1961, it was moved to Biel/Biene and Basel, Switzerland, where production continued, focusing primarily on creating gold models. It was then that the revolutionary and iconic Adriatica World Champion collection of men's watches was created.

Over the years, individual series were improved, modifying their design and equipping them with new technologies. Rooted in Swiss manufacturing, the brand managed to change the location of its headquarters twice more, but always remained within the country's borders (currently located in Camorino / Ticino). Today, it imports its watches to the UK, USA, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Hungary or Egypt, among others, and is considered a luxury product, regardless of the continent in which it is distributed.

Unique Adriatica quality - watches signed Swiss Made.

Since 2006, Adriatica has been a member of the prestigious The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. Swiss Made quality testifying to the incredible precision of gait, the use of high-quality materials at every stage of production and guarantees the originality of design. Among the collection you will find models whose envelopes are made mainly of stainless steel or titanium. Both of these components are characterized by high resistance to negative external influences, are relatively light, and in the case of titanium - hypoallergenic. The manufactory also reaches for high-quality glass. Many of the Adriatica watches are equipped with sapphire glass, valued in watchmaking, which is famous for its extraordinary resistance to scratches. The collections also include the popularly used mineral glass, sometimes additionally hardened. Most importantly, the devices are powered by accurate, long-lasting mechanisms. There are both ETA, Ronda or ISA quartz mechanisms, as well as ETA and SELITA automatic mechanisms with manual or automatic winding.

Adriatica watches - what sets them apart?

In the wide range of Adriatica watches there is certainly something for everyone - watches on steel bracelets, titanium or leather straps always look good on the wrist. The variety of dials, styles and designs will satisfy the most discriminating customers - both lovers of minimalism, who prefer clean dials without an excessive number of elements, as well as those who can't imagine a watch without chronograph dials, a 24-hour time indicator or an elaborate date display. Also, the choice regarding bezels is exceptionally wide, as users can choose watches that have a narrow bezel as well as a wide one, with a characteristic shape for divers' watches.

Adriatica watches for ladies, or a chic addition to the closet

Long tradition and experience have allowed the manufacturers to create numerous collections that reflect the needs of women. Adriatica women's watches are distinguished by an elegant design enriched with subtle embellishments, making them perfect for work, special occasions, going out on the town or everyday routines. A characteristic feature of Adriatica women's watches are comfortable envelopes and delicate bracelets, often created from steel mesh. The color scheme is equally feminine, with manufacturers using shades of gold with white, yellow or rose tones, classic silver, black, white gray and navy blue. The women's range is mainly divided into two categories - Classic and Fashion. The former is distinguished by the jewelry character of Adriatica products. These watches have an interesting design, primarily of the elements connecting the envelope and bracelet, which works well with the classic dials. Adriatica Fashion watches will find their liking among women who like sparkle - you will find numerous models whose dials are complemented with shimmering crystals, glitter or decorative effects, such as guilloche or floral motifs.

Elegant and practical - Adriatica watch for men

The Adriatica catalog offers many products aimed at men. Here, classic styling often competes with sporty design or watches modeled after retro models. This approach guarantees finding the perfect men's Adriatica watch, regardless of the taste of its future owner. The manufactory has both models with minimalist dials and eye-catching watches, equipped with chronographs, date, or tachymeter. Dynamism in some models is added by details such as carbon pattern or stitching placed on the outside of the leather straps. A frequently used feature, which further adds an interesting decorative effect, is the moon phase indicator, located on the sub-dials of the dial. Adriatica men's watches are also distinguished by the fact that, regardless of the collections, all of them are extremely legible, and their well-thought-out design ensures that they are comfortable to wear.

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