History of the brand dates back to 1854, when company called Waterbury Clock Company, which in 1944 renamed into Timex Corporation, started the production of brass watches in Waterbury, Connecticut. Creativity and need for constant improvement of their products, led to constructing the first wristwatch during World War I.

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Timex Watches

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    Timex Chrono FullBlack watch Timex Chrono FullBlack watch
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    Timex Chrono FullBlack TW2T21200SS

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    Timex Classic Premium watch Timex Classic Premium watch
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    Timex Classic Southview watch Timex Classic Southview watch
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    Timex Classic Southview TW2R29100

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    Timex Marathon watch Timex Marathon watch
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    Timex Marathon TW5K94800

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    Timex Essential Originals watch Timex Essential Originals watch
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    Timex Essential Originals T2N598

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    Timex Standard Chronograph watch Timex Standard Chronograph watch
    €135.00 €112.00 Lowest price since 30 days before discounting: €112.00

    Timex Standard Chronograph TW2V2P291

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The brand revolutionized the watchmaking industry. Since the beginning of the brand, Timex had many outstandingly successful ideas, such as the first mass-produced V-Conic movement or the Indiglo backlight technology. In the past, the company many times proved the durability of their products during various tests, for instance while tossing a watch over the Grand Coulee Dam.

Timex men’s watches

Our store, as an official Timex retailer in Poland, offers a wide range of various models. In this category there are elegant, universal, and sport watches. On our website, you can find over 400 Timex men’s watches. All of them are made with high-quality, durable materials, and they are equipped with quartz movements.

Timex watches - obligatory for sportsman

On our website, there are many watches from Ironman collection. All of them are highly valued by people who love physical activity, due to advanced technology solutions which are helpful during workouts. Ironman watches can be considered as small, personal computers which are able to count lap time and workout parameters.

Timex watches perfect for thrill-seekers

Timex Expedition is a military style collection with durable and solid watches for men. They are perfect for all kinds of expeditions and extreme sports. However, due to its universal design, it will be perfect as a casual, everyday watch. With such high endurance and Indiglo backlight, Timex Expedition watches can be really helpful.

Choose reliable solutions with Timex

Classic watch fans can also find many interesting models in our offer, for instance in Timex Easy Rider collection. Those watches are characterized by easy-read dials, even at night-time, due to Indiglo backlight. Easy Rider watches are available in various colors and sizes, in order to meet the expectations of every customer.

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