A variety of watches also have a variety of straps and bracelets - these are partly what define what character each model has. But how many variations on the theme of a watch strap can there be? It turns out that very many.

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Watch Straps - Types


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Watch straps - choose your material

The times when only leather watch straps were available are irretrievably gone - today, in the era of huge stylistic diversity and diversified purpose of watches, each of them can actually have a different strap. Therefore, elegant models primarily use leather straps, which are unequivocally associated with luxury and style.

Rubber straps, created from durable plastic, will be great for sports watches, especially those for divers. Thanks to their properties, they will not be damaged by water, and their high durability will allow them to be used even in harsh conditions. On the other hand, for lovers of casual, but not classy looks, we offer fabric straps, which are perfect for both fashion watches and elegant models.