Are you a sports fan? Do you want to know as much detail as possible about your body during training? The Polar brand can guarantee this. Polar is considered the leader in manufacturing watches that improve people’s sports performance. The brand's watches are equipped with a fitness tracker, sleep tracking, a calorie counter, GPS and additional functions useful for swimming. Let the Polar watch help you with your daily physical activities.

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    Polar Grit X Black M/L Watch Polar Grit X Black M/L Watch
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    Polar Ignite White S Watch Polar Ignite White S Watch
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Polar knows the needs of every athlete. From the very beginning of the brand’s existence, Polar has been looking for innovative solutions that will prove irreplaceable during workouts. At present, Polar offers high-quality models for assessing physical performance and creating people’s own training programs. Polar is constantly improving its products in order to facilitate sport activities and give its users the greatest pleasure.

Sports history of Polar watches

Polar was established in 1977 in Finland and has actually been a model for high-tech products since its foundation. It was the first brand in the world to introduce wireless heart rate measurement. In 1982, Polar launched the first wrist-based heart rate monitors. It was an absolute revolution in the world of sport, because from now on anyone who trained intensively could learn about their own physical fitness. Apart from sport, Polar watches were used in science and medicine, as they provided information about the current heart rate in a simple and quick way. It has resulted in making research and treatment cheaper and more convenient.

Polar watch for every athlete - get to know their quality!

The Polar watch is a great choice for anyone looking for perfect fitness equipment. There are numerous models in the manufacturer’s offer, so that everyone can choose the right one for themselves. One of the most obvious proposals is the Polar M430 series, equipped with an efficient GPS module. It is a great help especially for runners who have favourite routes and want to have their performance analyzed in detail. Moreover, these watches are distinguished by their ability to check the efficiency of running. They have a built-in calorie counter as well as manual and automatic lap setting.

Advanced technology in Polar watches

The Polar Vantage collection is designed for those who need much more advanced watches. Thanks to the minimalist design, these models work well even as an accessory to everyday clothes. They are equipped with as many as 130 sports profiles, i.e. support for 130 disciplines. This means that no matter what kind of activity you do, this watch will help you do it and make every exercise a pleasure. In addition, the watch has a fitness tracker, a calorie counter, GPS, sleep tracking and swimming metrics. It is an ideal choice for athletes who do many sports and all those who want to try their hand at different sports disciplines.

Don't wait and order a Polar watch now! Check their high quality and see how they work perfectly on every route and in every discipline. With Polar you will feel like a real athlete and break your own records!

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