Are you fascinated by sports? Do you want to know as much detail as possible, about your body during training? The Polar brand can guarantee you that. This company is a leader in the production of watches with a mission to help you improve your athletic performance. The brand's watches are equipped with a fitness tracker, has built-in functions to measure sleep quality, calorie counter, GPS and additional swimming functions. Let a Polar brand watch help you during your daily physical activities.

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    Polar Grit X Black M/L Watch Polar Grit X Black M/L Watch
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    Polar Grit X Black M/L Grit X Czarny M/L

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    Smartwatch Polar Ignite 2 Smartwatch Polar Ignite 2
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    Smartwatch Polar Ignite 2 Smartwatch Polar Ignite 2
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    Polar Ignite 2 725882058139

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    Smartwatch Polar Vantage M2 Smartwatch Polar Vantage M2
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Polar is well aware of the needs of every athlete, so from the very beginning of its establishment, the brand has been looking for innovative solutions that will prove indispensable during any physical activity. Nowadays, Polar watches are high-quality devices for measuring performance, for taking activity measurements and for establishing personal training plans. Polar is constantly improving its products to make every workout easier and more enjoyable year after year.

The sports history of Polar watches

The Polar watch brand was founded in 1977 in Finland, and has actually been a model of technically advanced products since its inception. It was the first brand in the world to launch a wireless way of measuring heart rate, and in 1982 the first watches with wrist-based heart rate measurement saw the light of day. This was an absolute revolution in the world of sports, because from now on anyone who trained intensively could find out in real time about the state of their own fitness, and outside of sports, Polar watches found application in science and medicine, because they easily and quickly provided information about the current heart rate of the person being tested, which made research and treatment cheaper and more convenient.

Polar watch for every athlete - get to know their quality!

Polar watches are a great option for anyone looking for excellent exercise equipment. Depending on your needs, the manufacturer has provided for numerous variants of its watches, so everyone will be able to choose the style that interests them. One of the most obvious proposals is the Polar M430 series, equipped with a powerful GPS module. This is an ideal aid, first of all, for runners who follow their favorite routes and want to have their maps or know the exact route and length of their run. In addition, these watches are distinguished by the ability to check running efficiency, having a calorie counter and an automatic or manual lap function, ideal for running in closed sections.

Advanced technologies in Polar watches

For those in need of a much more advanced watch, on the other hand, there is the Polar Vantage collection, more akin to modern smartwatches. Thanks to the use of a minimalist design, these watches work well even as an accessory to everyday attire. They are equipped with as many as 130 sports profiles, that is, support for one hundred and thirty sports! This means that no matter what kind of activity you do, this watch will help you do it and make any exercise a pleasure. In addition, the watch is great as a fitness tracker, with built-in functions for measuring sleep quality, calorie counter, GPS and accurate swimming functions. It is an ideal choice for athletes who practice multiple sports and all those who want to try their hand at multiple sports categories.

Don't wait, but order Polar watches now and see how perfectly they perform on any route and in any discipline. Check out their high quality and choose them now! Feel like a real athlete with Polar and break your own records!

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