Adidas is the world leader in sports fashion with almost 100 years of experience. The company offers a wide range of products, e.g. sports shoes, clothes and accessories. What’s the secret behind the brand’s success? Well, the company really cares about its development. For example, some time ago the brand started to produce wristwatches. All brand’s products share common characteristics - they feature a cohesive minimalist design, come with innovative technology and are extremely reliable, which is crucial in sports.

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Adidas Originals Watches


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    Adidas District M1 Men's Watch Adidas District M1 Men's Watch
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    adidas Originals District M1 Z04-1920

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The company has been an integral part of the sports world for many decades now. The brand offers a wide range of products, including sports shoes, clothes as well as sports equipment with new technologies. The company has developed its own design direction - the brand’s products are distinguished by a well-thought-out design and a fresh approach to classic style. The company’s unique style can’t be found anywhere else.

Adidas Originals watches - diverse designs

Adidas Originals watches are distinguished by a minimalist design and easy-to-read dials. Not only are they characterised by great functionality and high-quality materials, but also unique finishing touches that perfectly complete the whole look. That’s why Adidas Originals watches are sure to appeal to both lovers of streetwear fashion and sports-casual accessories.

Adidas Originals watches - be always on time

Since adidas Originals watches are powered by Japanese quartz movements, they are very convenient to use (they won’t stop working even if you don’t wear or wind them for a few days). All you need to do is have the battery replaced once every few years. In addition, a quartz movement is distinguished by extraordinary accuracy and reliability.

Adidas Originals watches - choose your collection!

What adidas Originals watches are worth buying? If you’re looking for a minimalist accessory to wear on a daily basis, go for adidas District watches. They are characterised by simple dials with the brand’s logo and indices. Some models, however, also feature a second hand and a date display. Adidas Originals watches come with either a steel bracelet or a leather strap.

Adidas Street Digital is an interesting collection of digital watches whose unique design refers to the style of the 1980’s. Adidas Street Digital watches come with a stainless steel case and bracelet made of top quality. The watches feature a day-date display, military time, alarm and stopwatch. Adidas Street Project, on the other hand, is a collection designed for lovers of streetwear style. Adidas Street Project watches come with a flexible rubber strap that ensures comfort of use and an eye-catching, large logo (its style sometimes refers to graffiti).

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