Swatch watches are synonymous with uniqueness, innovation and the joy of creation. The history of this Swiss brand is full of turning points - many of them have shaped the watchmaking industry we know today. How did Swatch revolutionise the world?

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Swatch Watches


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    Swatch Lady Black Single watch Swatch Lady Black Single watch
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    Swatch Lady Black Single LB170E

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    Swatch Ultraciel watch Swatch Ultraciel watch
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    Swatch Tate Gallery watch Swatch Tate Gallery watch
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    Swatch Tate Gallery SUOZ363

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    Swatch Indigo Glow  watch Swatch Indigo Glow  watch
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    Swatch Indigo Glow SB05N113

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  41. Swatch Tidings of Joy unisex watch Swatch Tidings of Joy unisex watch
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    Swatch Tidings of Joy SO28Z126

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Swatch watches cannot be categorised into one specific style, form or standard. They are small works of art designed to express the personality of the person who wears them. We are sure that among the selection above everyone can find something that reflects their individuality. What Swatch watch suits you best?

Swatch watches - brief history of time

Swatch was founded in 1983. On 1 March, the company launched 12 watches created from only 51 parts, all in accordance with the “Swiss Made” requirements. Right from the start, Swatch watches were powered by a quartz movement and were water- and shock-resistant. Plus, they were available in a wide range of colours. All these things changed the industry and allowed the Swatch brand to become one of the leading watch companies offering stylish timepieces at an affordable price. As many as one million Swatch watches were sold in the first year.

Swatch watches - cutting-edge technology and sustainable materials

In 1991, the Swatch Automatic watch was created - it no longer needed batteries to work. Four years later, advanced technology made it possible to turn a Swatch watch into a ski pass. The same year saw the development of the Swatch Solar that was based on a solar movement. After that, the first Connected watch was launched, connecting people with wireless internet connection and offering contactless payments. Now, Swatch is adding a further highlight to its colourful brand history by replacing all conventional materials by bio-sourced ones.

Swatch watch - small work of art

Since its inception, the Swatch company has been associated with art. Today, Swatch watches are designed by artists from around the world. What's more, to ensure that the artists have the most inspiring environment possible for their creative work, the Swatch Art Peace Hotel was established in Shanghai. Painters, musicians, dancers, photographers, filmmakers, writers or concept artists can come to the hotel for a period of three to six months to live and create here. Swatch has also partnered with the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which has resulted in a new watch collection inspired by works of art displayed at the gallery.

Swatch - first fashion watches

It was the Swatch company that gave birth to fashion watches. The brand was the first to release a fashion watch (created by designers and artists) that combines art with fashion. This philosophy is still practised today. This remarkable Swiss brand is a sponsor of both artistic and sports events. A funny fact is that the Swatch club of watch collectors and enthusiasts attracted 75,000 members in just two years, one of whom was Bruce Willis. What Swatch watch suits you best: bioceramic, decorated with artwork, or with a motif of your favourite cartoon? Check it out now!

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