How to make a watch get a completely new life? It is not at all necessary to choose a new one or replace 90% of the parts, nor is it necessary to replace the glass with a new one. All you need to do is change the watch strap to completely transform your model. And the Hirsch brand, manufacturer of some of the best watch straps, will help you do just that.

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The origins of the legendary watch strap manufacturers - Hirsch!

The Hirsch brand appeared more than 250 years ago - in 1765 in Austria. Johannes Franz Hirsch opened a leatherworker's shop, where he was in charge of tanning and preparing leather, which was later made available to various companies - including those making shoes or saddles. He probably didn't expect that his plant would grow to a significant size and that leatherworking would be carried on by his descendants. In 1945 the production of watch straps began - it was started by Johannes Hirsch's son Hans, who produced the first pieces with his own hands, on his own kitchen table, using a pocket knife and a sewing machine belonging to his wife. It was the beginning of a huge enterprise - in the last decade of the 20th century the company produced as many as 100 million watch straps. It turned out to be just a prelude to a real career - in 2003 Hirsch became the main supplier of straps to the Swiss watch industry. With such a reputation, it's hard to compete.

What sets Hirsch watch straps apart?

Even among watch strap manufacturers, there is room for innovation and invention. Innovative designs are precisely the domain of the Hirsch brand, and from the beginning it has amazed with its ideas. Hans Hirsch developed a method of seamless bonding of the leather layers in the straps, and in later years also developed a method of preventing damage from splashes and invented a system that prevents allergies when using Hirsch straps.

But that's not all - the brand is constantly working on further development of its products, developing more and more new technologies to make the use of Hirsch straps even more comfortable.

Why should you choose a Hirsch watch strap?

The biggest advantages of these straps are, first of all, very high resistance - thanks to refinement, characteristic design and also patents preventing damage, they are perfect for any wearer. A staggeringly large number of designs as well as colors allows you to perfectly match any watch with any type of styling. Don't wait - choose prestigious Hirsch straps, which are used by the most famous Swiss brands, and convince yourself of their high quality!