Every watch stands out with something special - some amaze with precious stones, others with an extremely complicated mechanism. But there are watches that arouse admiration much more subtly - they use unique straps for this, giving the watch a chic and classy look.

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Watch Straps - 22 Mm


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If you're still wondering about choosing the right model of watch strap, these 22 mm wide ones are just right for you! Don't wait - order today and even tomorrow receive high-end straps!

Which 22 mm watch straps to choose?

One of the best-known manufacturers of watch straps, including the slightly wider 22-millimeter ones, is Hirsch, a manufacturer with Austrian roots, which for many years has been triumphant in creating more and more new designs and patents related to the production of straps. In the past, the manufacturer's product range included only leather models, but today you can find belts made of various types of leather, such as calfskin or alligator skin, as well as those made of rubber - a material that is extremely resistant and very comfortable to wear.