Careful craftsmanship and a sense of creation characterize the Junghans watch. The brand's products are all about the tradition of creating classic watches that any watch lover will appreciate. A sense of style is something undeniable, but a watch from this brand will complement it to make it perfect. German design is about attention to detail, and this is the case with Junghans, which creates true works of art.

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Junghans Watches


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  4. ETA VALJOUX movement
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    Junghans FORM A Automatic Men's Watch Junghans FORM A Automatic Men's Watch
    €852.00 €638.00 Lowest price since 30 days before discounting: €638.00

    Junghans FORM A Automatic 027/4832.00

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    Junghans FORM C Chronoscope Men's Watch Junghans FORM C Chronoscope Men's Watch
    €552.00 €451.00 Lowest price since 30 days before discounting: €451.00

    Junghans FORM C Chronoscope 041/4876.00

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  8. Gold watch - 18K Gold (Au 750)
  9. Gold watch - 18K Gold (Au 750)
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    Junghans max bill Quarz watch Junghans max bill Quarz watch
    €793.00 €701.00 Lowest price since 30 days before discounting: €701.00

    Junghans max bill Quarz 041/4461.02

  13. ETA VALJOUX movement
  14. ETA VALJOUX movement
  16. Junghans Milano Solar Watch Junghans Milano Solar Watch

    Junghans Milano 014/4061.44

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    Junghans max bill Quarz watch Junghans max bill Quarz watch
    €779.00 €697.00 Lowest price since 30 days before discounting: €697.00

    Junghans max bill Quarz 041/4064.02

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German precision and accuracy have become a stereotype, but there is a grain of truth in this stereotype. Junghans watches are the best proof of this. Thanks to exceptional attention to every detail, the models of this manufacturer are considered to be exceptionally accurate, and the characteristic design, referring to the vintage style, works perfectly in combination, especially with elegant attire.

Origins of the history of legendary Junghans watches

Junghans watches originated in Germany, where they were created in 1861. At that time, mechanics and engineers residing in the Black Forest started a real revolution in the field of precision devices, quickly developing their workshops. One of them was Erhard Junghans, who began producing high-tech watches, which, thanks to their exceptional attention to detail and superior precision of operation, quickly became some of the best watches available on the German market. Junghans didn't stop there and began the dynamic distribution of its products abroad, where they instantly conquered markets and became synonymous with accuracy and beautiful design. In 1903 Junghans boasted the title of the largest watch factory in the world, and 60 years later it had become an enterprise producing 20,000 watches a day and employing more than 6,000 workers.

The success of the Junghans brand didn't stop there - today it is among the world's top watch manufacturers and is associated as one of Germany's top brands.

Excellent German movement in every Junghans watch

Junghans German watches represent the highest quality of precision craftsmanship. Thanks to the use of proprietary drive systems, Junghans watch models gain much greater precision than when using foreign mechanisms of other brands. This is due to the ability to freely manipulate the shape, size or individual components of both the mechanisms and the cases or dials themselves - the entire watch is assembled in a single factory, so that innovative technological solutions can be introduced without having to think about the correct ratio of the elements of the mechanism to the contents of the dial, but can be changed at any time, resulting in the creation of a new mechanism or replacement of the relevant parts. Also, this shortens the watch manufacturing process itself, reducing the distribution of parts to a minimum.

Choose your style with Junghans watches!

Among Junghans watches there are numerous collections, whose unique design will be appreciated by all vintage style enthusiasts and amateurs of the style of years ago. For gentlemen, there is a great Junghans Max Bill series with the Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope sub-line. It is a great example of classic reproduction of old watches, especially those with an old-school feel, referring to old watches. Meanwhile, the women's watches are mainly Junghans Meister collections, with extremely modest design, but enriched by crystals on the indexes at twelve, three, six and nine o'clock.

If you are considering high-end watches, don't wait, but order one of the Junghans watches today! See for yourself how perfectly designed they are and what extraordinary style they have. Choose a Junghans watch now and see how perfectly they fit you!

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