A Junghans watch is characterised by skilled craftsmanship and a sense of creation. The brand’s products are primarily a tradition of making classic watches, which watch-lovers will surely appreciate. A Junghans watch will perfectly complement any outfit. A unique feature of this German brand is its design with great attention to detail. It goes without saying that Junghans creates true works of art.

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Junghans Watches


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German precision and accuracy have become a stereotype, but actually there is a grain of truth in it. Junghans watches are the best proof of this. Thanks to the exceptional attention to detail, the models of this manufacturer are considered to be very accurate. Their characteristic design that is related to vintage style works perfectly in combination with the elegant outfit.

The beginnings of the legendary Junghans watches

Junghans watches were created in 1861 in Germany. The mechanics and engineers living at the time in Schwarzwald began a real revolution in the field of precise devices, rapidly expanding their workshops. One of them was Erhard Junghans. He started the production of high-tech watches, which thanks to their exceptional attention to detail and highest precision, quickly became one of the best watches available on the German market. Junghans didn’t stop there and started a dynamic distribution of its products abroad, where it quickly conquered markets and became synonymous with accuracy and beauty. In 1903, Junghans boasted the title of the largest watch factory in the world, and 60 years later it became a company making 20,000 watches a day and employing over 6,000 people. 

The success of Junghans has not ended there. It is now one of the world’s leading watchmakers and is considered one of the best German brands.

The perfect movement in every Junghans watch

Junghans watches represent the highest quality precision. Thanks to the use of proprietary drive systems, Junghans models are more accurate than those that use other brands' movements. This is due to the possibility of handling the shape, size or individual elements of the movements, cases and dials freely. The entire watch is assembled in one factory, so that innovative technological solutions can be implemented without further ado. For instance, it is unnecessary to consider the correct ratio of movement elements to a dial, as the elements can be replaced at any time, resulting in the formation of a new movement or the replacement of the relevant parts. This also shortens the manufacturing process and reduces the distribution of parts to a minimum.

Choose your style with Junghans watches!

Among Junghans watches there are numerous collections, whose unique look will be appreciated by all vintage style enthusiasts and amateurs of style from many years ago. For gentlemen, there is a great Junghans Max Bill series with a Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope sub-series. It is a great example of classic imitation of old watches, especially those with oldschool character, relating to old watches. Meanwhile, Junghans Meister collections can be primarily found in women's watches. They feature basic workmanship, but are enriched with crystals on indices at the twelve, three, six and nine-o’clock positions.

If you're thinking about high-end watches, don't wait and order one of the Junghans watches today! Check out how well they have been designed and what extraordinary style they stand out. Buy a Junghans watch now and see how perfectly it suits you!

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