Iron Annie takes its name from the German transport aircraft Junkers JU 52. It was a symbol of modern technology and durable construction. This is also true for the Iron Annie watches. They are characterized by a beautiful design and reference to aviation. Both fans of the sky and enthusiasts of timeless elegance will love the products of this brand.

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Iron Annie Watches


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    Iron Annie Bauhaus Men's Watch Iron Annie Bauhaus Men's Watch
    €297.00 €264.00

    Iron Annie Bauhaus IA-5096-4

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    Iron Annie Flight Control Automatic Men's Watch Iron Annie Flight Control Automatic Men's Watch
    €277.00 €246.00

    Iron Annie Flight Control Automatic IA-5168-2

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    Iron Annie D-AQUI Chronograph Men's Watch Iron Annie D-AQUI Chronograph Men's Watch
    €297.00 €264.00

    Iron Annie D-AQUI Chronograph IA-5684-2

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The Iron Annie watches refer in their style to aircrafts, especially the JU 52 aircraft, called Iron Annie. The vintage style, references to aviation and the overall aesthetics of the workmanship will certainly appeal to aeronautics lovers. Those who aren’t interested in aircrafts, however, will be impressed by the craftsmanship of these watches.

Airborne inspirations in Iron Annie watches

Iron Annie watches come from manufactures that have already released such renowned watch brands as Zeppelin and Junkers - also inspired by legendary flying machines, like airships and fighters. The Iron Annie brand is also inspired by these aircrafts, however, it primarily takes inspiration from the transport aircraft Junkers JU 52, called also Iron Annie by the Allied forces. The name ‘Iron Annie’ was derived from the sturdy construction that made these planes stand out. Thanks to the considered construction of transport aircrafts, which enabled them to escape from shelling, they were given such a distinctive name. The Iron Annie watches, inspired by legendary aircrafts, are extremely resistant. But that's not everything.

Perfection of Iron Annie watches 

Apart from safety, Iron Annie watches have a great appearance! These watches are stylized on old timepieces, including the characteristic colours and patterns of the dials, as well as brown leather straps with a texture reminiscent of old models. The airborne style is also achieved with a hardened mineral crystal, which is durable and resistant to most damages, as expected of all professional aviation watches. The whole is complemented by efficient automatic or quartz movements, which made it possible to suit dream watches to the needs of their users. Those who are primarily interested in the stability of clockwork will certainly choose quartz movements, while those for whom prestige and a traditional functioning of the movements is important will certainly go for automatic movements.

Iron Annie watches are a real find for aviation lovers. Don’t wait! Order one of these models today and see how it suits your passion. And even if you aren’t interested in aircrafts, check out their high quality and unique elegance, which features only the best watches.

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