Do you want to break your next records, find your Zen, or enjoy the outdoors? We've found a watch just for you! You'll find models with a simple GPS model, as well as more high-tech ones with long battery life and music storage. Practice sports with a Garmin Forerunner smartwatch.
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Garmin Forerunner Watches


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Regardless of why you run - do it with a Garmin Forerunner smartwatch. The brand's watches are high-tech devices that will appeal to even the most demanding athlete. Check out what this Garmin brand series can amaze you with.

Garmin Forerunner smartwatch perfect for a runner

Even if you are an amateur runner you need a watch for the best. Garmin Forerunner is a guarantee of quality and modern design. Smartwatches in this series measure your pulse on your wrist and use a GPS signal to measure your running pace, distance covered and many other parameters. The watches also work with Garmin Coach training plans that adapt to your current performance, so you have a personal trainer always by your side. Not encouraged yet?

Garmin Coach - your personal trainer

Would you like to advise your coach if you are doing your activities in the correct way, but you don't want to go to special workouts at the gym? The Garmin Forerunner smartwatch is your private coach electronically. Just select this option and your favorite distance. Then download a free workout plan and detailed tips. Exercises sync with the watch and adjust as your plan progresses. The watch will adjust to your goals and results. This is a great option for anyone who likes to train alone.

Garmin Connect in the Forerunner series - fitness data at your fingertips

Garmin Connect is a special phone app built specifically for the Garmin watch to track, analyze and share health and activity information from your Garmin device. It allows you to conveniently check the entries and key data about your health that your watch tracks. Select the data and determine the order in which it is displayed. You'll also get a detailed analysis of all your readings. Check weekly, monthly and yearly average health stats, tracking history of your favorite activities and much more. Stay active with Garmin Forerunner watches.

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