Garmin Epix are premium watches that have everything to help you achieve your goals. With their help, you'll get to know your body through constant health monitoring, you'll stay up to date by getting notifications from your phone on your smartwatch, you can train the way you like with the support of sports modes. What else will the Garmin Epix help you with?

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Garmin Epix Smartwatches


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The Garmin Epix has greater satellite network coverage for better positioning, so you can navigate without worry, with TopoActive maps available right on your wrist. The Garmin Epix can last up to 16 days in watch mode! Thanks to the always-on, 1.3-inch AMOLED display, the smartwatch can be used even in bright sunlight. The responsive touchscreen also provides quick access to functions and maps. The Garmin Epix has a sapphire display and your choice of titanium or stainless steel bezel.

Garmin Epix monitors your health

With extremely powerful health-related features, you can monitor your health around the clock. Among others, the smartwatch has: pulse oximeter - monitors altitude acclimatization and sleep quality, wrist heart rate monitor - constantly checks your heart rate and informs you when it's high or too low while you're resting, breathing monitoring, stress measurement - the heart rate variability indicator is used to calculate stress levels, sleep quality assessment - a detailed picture of your sleep based on the timing of shallow, deep and REM sleep phases, hydration monitoring.

Measure your performance with the Garmin Epix watch

The Garmin Epix comes with a range of sports applications - from running, paddling, golfing, skiing, surfing or climbing a climbing wall. In addition, it comes with accessible animations of fitness, strength, yoga and Pilates workouts that can be viewed on the watch screen. It also has a trainer function, visual simulation of race time, performance statistics, or training suggestions. Garmin Epix allows you to track details of mountain biking dynamics, cross-country skiing, and even has surfing functions providing wave information, among other things.

Garmin Epix watches - features you'll find useful!

Garmin Epix also provides constant access to notifications - emails, text messages and alerts can be received directly on the watch screen. The smartwatch supports music apps, and you can listen to music without a phone, thanks to wireless headphones. Choose the model for you today and enjoy the full functionality of the Garmin Epix!