The manufacturer Lorus provides its customers with a wide range of models - the offer includes minimalist watches on leather straps, a sporty device equipped with a chronograph and other practical functions, as well as elegant models on stainless steel bracelets. What distinguishes the brand is the high quality of the presented products at disproportionately low prices.

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Lorus Watches


Most Popular
  1. Lorus Women Women's Watch Lorus Women Women's Watch

    Lorus Women RG209RX9

  2. Lorus Classic Women's Watch Lorus Classic Women's Watch

    Lorus Classic RG218QX9

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    Lorus Sport Men's Watch Lorus Sport Men's Watch

    Lorus Sport RH949MX9

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  11. Bestseller
    Lorus Classic Women's Watch Lorus Classic Women's Watch

    Lorus Classic RG210NX9

  12. Bestseller-46%
    Lorus Classic watch Lorus Classic watch
    €90.00 €49.00 Lowest price since 30 days before discounting: €49.00

    Lorus Classic RG230PX9

  13. Bestseller-36%
    Lorus Classic watch Lorus Classic watch
    €74.00 €47.00 Lowest price since 30 days before discounting: €47.00

    Lorus Classic RG279JX9

  14. Bestseller-30%
    Lorus Solar Men's Watch Lorus Solar Men's Watch
    €83.00 €58.00 Lowest price since 30 days before discounting: €58.00

    Lorus Solar RX301AX9

  15. Bestseller-39%
    Lorus Sports Chronograph Men's Watch Lorus Sports Chronograph Men's Watch
    €113.00 €69.00 Lowest price since 30 days before discounting: €69.00

    Lorus Sports Chronograph RT373HX9

  16. Bestseller-29%
    Lorus Sports Men's Watch Lorus Sports Men's Watch
    €92.00 €65.00 Lowest price since 30 days before discounting: €65.00

    Lorus Sports R2B11AX9

  17. Bestseller-29%
    Lorus Sports Men's Watch Lorus Sports Men's Watch
    €76.00 €54.00 Lowest price since 30 days before discounting: €54.00

    Lorus Sports RH929KX9

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Most Popular

Lorus watches are the best choice especially for those who have difficulty determining the style of watch they need. With an extremely wide range of collections and series, anyone can choose the right model for themselves. Most Lorus watches are kept in a casual style, so everyone can find a model for themselves.

Lorus watches - style and quality native to Japan

The Lorus brand is part of the famous Seiko group, known worldwide for the production of Japanese watches, established in 1881. The Lorus brand has been on the international market since 1982, selling watches in 43 countries in Europe, North America, Africa and Oceania. The hallmark of Lorus watches is the very good quality of the products, a wide range of products and attractive prices. The watches are designed for young and active people who are interested in both fashion and sports, as evidenced by the numerous sporty functions that can be found in them. The sporty, dynamic design is achieved primarily through innovative ways of constructing the envelope, as well as interesting solutions for combining colors and dial designs with elements on them, such as chronographs or date displays. There is a whole cross-section of men's and women's watches and children's watches, starting from elegant and classic devices to sports, urban and jewelry watches.

History of Lorus watches

The Lorus brand was introduced to Europe in the 1980s as a complement to the popular Pulsar and Seiko watches. Lorus was an instant success, offering affordable products with advanced technological features. Benefiting from Seiko's expertise and continuous technological advances, Lorus offers its customers attractive-looking, high-quality products. The experience of a long-standing leader in the watch market, support and the ability to realize their own solutions have made Lorus watches represent the highest quality.

For whom are Lorus watches?

Lorus watches are both designed for women and men. With ladies in mind, a number of Lorus women's watches have been created, covering products in silver, black, yellow gold and rose gold colors. Minimalist dials include subtle hands along with indexes, the whole thing has been made with special meticulousness. Women who appreciate sporty devices have not been forgotten either, which are kept in bright, distinctive colors, what's more, they are equipped with comfortable rubber straps.

Lorus men's watches, on the other hand, are divided into two groups. One includes classic models, which work well both as a complement to an everyday outfit and an elegant suit. These models include subtle dials and stylish bracelets that go well with any style. The second group, on the other hand, includes sports products. These models have a particularly rich range of functions, modern envelopes, displays and straps made of materials that are particularly easy to keep clean. As you can see, everyone can find the perfect Lorus men's watch for themselves.

Lorus watches for fans of sporty style

The most popular sports line of watches are Lorus Chronograph watches for men with a dynamic character. They are distinguished by elaborate chronographs with different ways and divisions of measurement - as they count both in terms of minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second. Perfectly visible date pads allow you to read information about the current day of the month and water resistance reaching up to 100 meters is a guarantee that the watch will not fail even when swimming. The watch's envelope is made of high-quality stainless steel, which guarantees complete protection against mechanical damage - this means that the watch will look like new for a long time. In turn, the choice between a steel bracelet and a leather strap allows you to choose the right solution both for individual preferences, as well as allergies or comfort.

Exceptional Lorus watches with chronograph

Fantastic products in our range are Lorus watches whose functions include a chronograph. These products usually consist of a round envelope, a matching bracelet and a stylish, multifunctional dial. The whole is maintained in a classic, masculine design, so the Lorus watch goes well with any styling. Chronographs on the surface of the dial are divided in terms of ways and divisions of measurement, as they count time in terms of minutes, seconds or even hundredths of a second. Most often, these models also contain practical date-stamps for the days of the month, what's more, they are kept in a dark, stylish color scheme.

Lorus watches for women - choose a fashionable and unique style

Among Lorus watches, there are also women's fashion-style pieces, which means that they were created to match a fashionable outfit. In the range, the Lorus brand has made sure that every wearer can find a model that suits her - whether it's a minimalist one with a clean, clear dial that's crowned by a leather strap, or perhaps a piece equipped with a chronograph and a gold-colored steel bracelet. Lorus is one of the few brands that can boast such an extensive

Fantastic Lorus brand watches - which one will you choose?

Lorus is an absolutely unique brand in our offer. It includes both ladies' and men's watches, sporty and elegant models that will perfectly match a precisely thought-out styling. The highest quality of workmanship of these models makes them last a long time, while the wide functionality has a salutary effect on everyday life. Get acquainted with the Lorus models included in the offer of store today.

Lorus watches in Warsaw

What else surprises the Lorus brand? The store in Warsaw offers a wide assortment and a multitude of models, so you can find a watch that will meet all your expectations. Our Lorus watch store in Warsaw is the best choice - don't wait and visit us at 31 Wincentego Witosa Avenue.

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