The Pierre Ricaud brand constantly shows how you can change the face of fashion with only seemingly insignificant accessories. These watches are among the models that give the entire styling an unusual and unique look.

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Pierre Ricaud Watches


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German-French manufactory Pierre Ricaud is the definition of what fashion watches are all about. The brand's designers and engineers work closely together to incorporate precise mechanisms of the highest quality in fashionable and innovative watches. Numerous visual variants in countless color proposals, make Pierre Ricaud the ideal choice for anyone looking for a versatile but characterful watch to match any type of closet.

Style and reliability of Pierre Ricaud watches for ladies

Among the entire collection of Pierre Ricaud watches we can find both women's and men's models. Women's models are characterized by extraordinary luster and particularly refined design. Thanks to the inclusion of numerous crystals in the watches, they gain a new chic, which gives a completely new shine to the whole styling. Some of the models coming from the collection of Pierre Ricaud Classic watches are maintained in a minimalist convention, but even such watches have innovative solutions, for example, in the construction of bracelets. Stainless steel, which was used to create the envelopes and bracelets, appears in many different colors, so that every lady is sure to match the watch to her own needs and tastes. The mechanisms found in these pieces are quartz, which ensures a long period of precise functioning without any interference from the user. Their precision was taken care of by the Japanese brand Citizen, providing the extremely popular Miyota quartz mechanisms. They are a guarantee of perfect operation and reliability.

A wide selection of watches for every man - bet on Pierre Ricaud

Meanwhile, men's Pierre Ricaud watches are a perfect combination of elegant style and sporty character. Men's watches from this manufacturer are usually made of stainless steel or titanium, which protects the device from damage very well. Titanium, in addition, is extremely durable and lightweight, which was proven even during the construction of the space shuttle. Thanks to these features, the comfort of the wearer is significantly increased. The glasses protecting the dial are, depending on the model, mineral or sapphire. It is worth paying attention to the latter, as they are characterized by extraordinary resistance to scratches, so that the watch will indicate the time not only accurately, but also remarkably clearly. For the work of the watch are responsible for excellent quality quartz mechanisms from Citizen brand.

Throughout the men's collection we can find watches of different variants - from very classic models with a thin envelope, which perfectly suits those who often wear shirts, to sporty chronographs with an impressive envelope and dial, equipped with rubber straps or bracelets made of stainless steel or titanium. Such a wide selection provides considerable choices.

Pierre Ricaud watches - the reviews speak for themselves.

The high quality of Pierre Ricaud watches and their unique style are confirmed by numerous reviews of satisfied users who have opted for these watches. The biggest advantage of the brand is, first of all, the color and style diversity of these watches, making them fit any style. Others praise the Japanese mechanisms, which are famous for their reliability, even in difficult situations. You, too, choose a Pierre Ricaud watch and be convinced of its unique design and high quality.

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