Watches from Pierre Ricaud company are the essence of fashion accessories. Designers and engineers of the brand closely cooperate with each other in order to achieve fashionable products with precise movements. Wide range of models in various colors makes it easy to find a watch that is not only universal, but also unique and uncommon.

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Pierre Ricaud Watches


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    Pierre Ricaud Classic Men's Watch Pierre Ricaud Classic Men's Watch
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    Pierre Ricaud Classic P91023.5215Q

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Style and reliability of Pierre Ricaud women’s watches

Among the entire collection of Pierre Ricaud watches, there are products both for men and women. Ladies watches are characterized by highly refined designs. Due to beautiful crystals, they are a perfect accessory which can make every outfit more appealing and elegant. Some models from Pierre Ricaud Classic collection are minimalistic, but even then they don’t look dull, due to innovative solutions. Stainless steel, which was used during the production of cases and bracelets, occurs in many colors. That makes it easier to find a watch which will meet our needs and expectations. All the models are equipped with a Miyota quartz movement, which guarantees the precision and reliability. They are provided by famous Japanese company - Citizen.

Wide selection of Pierre Ricaud men’s watches

Watches for men are the perfect combination of elegance and sporty style. Pierre Ricaud products are made of stainless style or titanium, which protects them from any type of damages. Moreover, titanium is really light and durable, which was even proved during the construction of space shuttles. Those features significantly improve comfort of use. Dials in Pierre Ricaud watches are protected by either mineral or sapphire crystals. Especially the second one is famous for being exquisitely clear and lucid. Those watches are also equipped with movements from Citizen. Pierre Ricaud men’s watches occur in numerous variants - from classic models with thin cases, a perfect addition to formal outfit, to sporty watches with chronograph and rubber straps.

Pierre Ricaud watches - great opinions say it all

High quality and unique style of Pierre Ricaud watches are testified in a form of numerous positive opinions and reviews by satisfied consumers. The biggest advantage of the brand is the variety of products. We can find models that are classy, elegant, sporty, unique, in other words - watches for everyone. They are also equipped with Japanese movements, which guarantee precision and reliability. See all Pierre Ricaud watches available in our store and choose the one that suits you best.

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