The brand’s automotive tradition and market position has stimulated manufacturers to launch watches with the Italian car logo. It turned out to be a hit. The models are distinguished by their modernist design that reflects elements of the body or steering wheel, as well as the practical equipment. Thanks to that, each model will decorate the wrist of every lover of exclusive accessories in a unique way.

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Maserati Watches


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    Maserati Royale Women's Watch Maserati Royale Women's Watch
    €154.00 €136.00

    Maserati Royale R8853137503

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    Maserati Polo Women's Watch Maserati Polo Women's Watch
    €143.00 €126.00

    Maserati Polo R8851137503

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    Maserati Tradizione Automatic Men's Watch Maserati Tradizione Automatic Men's Watch
    €394.00 €347.00

    Maserati Tradizione Automatic R8823125001

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    Maserati Successo Men's Watch Maserati Successo Men's Watch
    €172.00 €151.00

    Maserati Succeso R8851121003

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How was the Maserati watch brand created? It is a combination of love for sports cars, dizzying speeds and a unique, modern style that perfectly suits the modern man.

Maserati - watches with Italian temperament

There are numerous companies in the world that deal with watchmaking. Among them, there are brands with rich and long experience, known to almost everybody. There are also companies, whose histories are appreciated and admired, although they aren’t so rich after all. Why? It is due to the fact that companies that emerged on the market recently had been actually known before but from the different branch of industry. Such companies pave the way for success by using their good reputation. This is the case with the Italian company Maserati, which has been producing great sports cars for more than a century and continues to impress with its sensational designs. For some time now, it has also been bringing its ideas into watchmaking.

Maserati - a watch with automotive history

Officine Alfieri Maserati was founded on 1 December 1914 in Bologna, Italy. Initially, it was a mechanic service center, where racing cars were produced. The history of the company is very turbulent and there are many ups and downs. The first success was the Tripoli Grand Prix in 1930, as then the race was won by Italian Baconin Borzacchini, driving a car of this brand. Since then, Maserati has played a crucial role in the car culture and its huge development. After 1957, the brand has focused on the production of road cars. Since the early nineties, Maserati has belonged to the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles concern. The brand has achieved great commercial success and today is associated with very expensive, luxurious vehicles, adored by car lovers. When the world found out that the company started working on its watch designs, it was more than certain that it would be a hit.

Fashionable Maserati watches 

The models are designed in line with modern trends, which combine both modernist and classic style. Their design is supposed to relate to characteristic car elements, such as rims, dashboard or steering wheel decorations. Therefore, Maserati watches are unique and eye-catching. The spectrum of use of these timepieces is due to an extensive collection.

Choose your own style with Maserati watches

Among the watches offered by Maserati, models fastened with leather straps, inspired by the car interior upholstery, as well as steel bracelets for a more elegant look can be found. All of them, however, are maintained in a sporty style and feature a visible trident logo of Maserati.

Each model has different functions that distinguish it from others, e.g. a date indicator, a chronograph or a skeleton dial that reveals detailed workings of the watch inside, showing the movement of the watch. The company offers watches that differ not only in design, but also in their driving force. Therefore, we can find both Japanese and Swiss quartz and automatic movements in the cases of these timepieces.

Maserati watch - an accessory to the elegant men’s outfit

Maserati watches are designed for men and women who value a universal but unique style. The models have their fans not only among automotive enthusiasts, but also among those who like original and luxurious watches. The comfort of use is guaranteed thanks to the high quality materials used in the production, as well as the good reputation of this Italian luxury brand. Despite the sporty style of the models, they are suitable for both everyday and elegant outfits.

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In our shop,, you will find Maserati watches from the official distribution only. Check out the brand’s offer on our website or in the stationary shop. Our friendly staff will answer all your questions and will be pleased to help you in the choice of an ideal watch. Cheap and fast shipping is guaranteed.

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