Vector Smart is a new and rapidly growing brand producing smartwatches. The brand’s smartwatches are characterised by an aesthetic design, a long-life battery, features tracking your physical activity and a dedicated app for its users.

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Vector Smart Smartwatches


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For many, an analogue watch is no longer useful and stylish. Nowadays, smartwatches are very popular owing to their useful features and high resistance to harsh conditions. They’re also characterised by a modern design that pleases the eye. One of the most interesting brands creating smartwatches is Vector Smart. Check out what the brand’s watches have to offer.

Why to choose Vector Smart?

Vector Smart is a smartwatch for everyday activities and sports. What can this watch surprise us with? First of all, Vector Smart features a long-life battery that allows the watch to operate continuously from 5 to 15 days depending on the use. It has a very convenient magnetic USB charger and charging takes only 2.5 hours. It’s a great watch for everyone!

Features of Vector Smart

Smartwatches need to be functional. It’s no different with Vector Smart products. Each smartwatch is equipped with a thermometer thanks to which the owner will know when their body temperature is too high or too low. The thermometer measures with an accuracy of +/-0.2 °C. Another important feature is a heart rate monitor which allows you to check your heart rate at any time, whether that’s during an exercise session or when you’re at rest. If you're a running enthusiast, this feature is a must have.

Vector Smart doesn’t only track your sport progress. It also takes care of your sleep. The app HitFit Pro calculates the length of your deep sleep and light sleep as well as the number and length of awakenings. Get to know your sleep quality. For busy people, it’s important to stay updated with all the information available on their phone. Vector Smart displays notifications from the phone, so you’re always informed about the most important messages.

Vector Smart - Personalise your smartwatch

Everyone who wants to purchase a new smartwatch thinks of its functionality and appearance. Vector Smart looks absolutely amazing! You can choose between different colour variants. Whether you like black, pink or white, the Vector Smart is for you!

Would you like to have a watch that can be customised at any time? Five interchangeable straps and multiple display faces available in HitFit Pro offer infinite options to suit your style. Straps are very easy to replace. You can change them with your own hands and without using any tools.

Smartwatch Vector Smart - HitFit Pro

Vector Smart wouldn’t be so special if it didn’t come with a special app HitFit Pro. The app works with Android™ and iOS phones. It has an alarm and wake-up feature as well as a sedentary reminder and a “Find your watch” function.

Official Vector Smart Retailer - Authorised Store - Distribution

Vector Smart smartwatches available in our store come from a licensed distributor that was authorised by the manufacturer. That’s why their authenticity and high quality are guaranteed. Buy Vector Smart smartwatches in-store or on our online shopping website Fast shipping is guaranteed.