We associate German products with reliability and excellent finishing. It is no different with Schaumburg watches! Explore unusual designs born of passion and get yourself a watch that you will only find on your wrist from true lovers of craftsmanship.

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Schaumburg Watches


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  1. Schaumburg Patina Men's Watch Schaumburg Patina Men's Watch

    Schaumburg Patina SCH-PATI

  2. Schaumburg Moon Galaxy Schaumburg Moon Galaxy

    Schaumburg Moon Galaxy SCH-MNGA

  3. ETA VALJOUX movement
  4. ETA VALJOUX movement
  5. ETA VALJOUX movement
  6. Schaumburg GT Red Cup Men's Watch Schaumburg GT Red Cup Men's Watch

    Schaumburg GT Red Cup SCH-GTRC

Most Popular

Schaumburg is a brand that has been around since the late 1990s, but it is a company with big ambitions. It creates devices full of unusual elements that can be found in vain in the offerings of other brands. Schaumburg watches are excellence in every detail, which only a few can afford.

Schaumburg - what don't we know about this brand?

The state of Schaumburg in the Weser region produces Renaissance mechanical watches known as Schaumburg. The company has been operating and continuously developing its business since 1998, and from the very beginning it has been engaged in the production of uncommon and unusual chronographs and chronometers. The popularity of the Schaumburg brand cannot be measured by output data or the wide range of available models. The manufacturers of the Schaumburg brand value first of all the quality and care of the workmanship of their devices, so the brand's watches are a true work of watchmaking art. The brand's requirement is therefore excellent quality at any price. That's why Schaumburg watches have a reputation for uniqueness. Would you like to enter the elite group of owners of an exclusive watch with a soul?

The most interesting series of Schaumburg watches

All of the manufactured Schaumburg watches are made with great precision and attention to the smallest details. Regardless of which model you decide on, the brand guarantees you an excellent watch with remarkable style. Are you interested in space? Choose the Schaumburg MooN watch! Its greatest decoration is the advanced moon phase indicator, whose accuracy is 1 error per 122 years. The changing phases are indicated by the Earth's shifting shadow and not, as in most watches, the moon. An additional innovation is the adaptation of indications to both northern and southern hemisphere residents. Using a special button, we can set the phase every minute.

For those looking for unusual retro watches with a touch of industrial flair, we recommend Schaumburg Steampunk watches. Steampunk is a specific style in culture, referring to the 19th century Age of Steam and Electricity, associated with gears and complicated machinery. The Steampunk model wonderfully captures precisely the specifics of this style. Some of the models are equipped with skeleton dials, thanks to which we can see the intricately crafted mechanism of the watch. In the Schaumburg brand the term minimalism does not exist. Schaumburg Classoco, despite its subdued color scheme, conceals a very interesting way of indicating the hour. On the dial of this model we find three discs of different sizes, which are responsible for indicating the respective hour, minute and second in turn. Doesn't it look delightful?

Schaumburg watch store in Warsaw

The Schaumburg brand is distinguished by its originality and designs created by creative designers with an unconventional style. In our Zegarownia.pl store you will find collections of men's and women's Schaumburg watches. Immerse yourself in the world of unusual and luxurious watches and choose a model of Schaumburg brand!

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