German products are synonymous with reliability and excellent finish. And it’s no different with Schaumburg watches! Discover unusual designs born out of passion and buy yourself a watch that only true lovers of craftsmanship wear.

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Schaumburg Watches


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  1. Schaumburg Patina Men's Watch Schaumburg Patina Men's Watch

    Schaumburg Patina SCH-PATI

  2. Schaumburg Moon Galaxy Schaumburg Moon Galaxy

    Schaumburg Moon Galaxy SCH-MNGA

  3. ETA VALJOUX movement
  4. Schaumburg GT Red Cup Men's Watch Schaumburg GT Red Cup Men's Watch

    Schaumburg GT Red Cup SCH-GTRC

Most Popular

Schaumburg is a company with big ambitions that has been operating since the late 90s. It creates timepieces full of unique elements, which are difficult to find in products of other brands. Schaumburg watches are excellent in every detail.

Schaumburg - facts you didn’t know about the brand

Schaumburg is a German company that has been producing mechanical watches since 1998. The brand is mainly known for chronographs and chronometers. The Schaumburg manufacturers focus above all on the quality and careful workmanship of their products, which is why the company’s watches are true works of art. The brand's main value is excellent quality at any price. This is why Schaumburg timepieces are truly unique. Would you like to be an owner of an exclusive watch with a soul?

Schaumburg - the most interesting collections

All Schaumburg watches are made with great care and attention to detail. Whichever model you choose, the brand guarantees you a perfect watch with an original design. Interested in space? Choose the MooN collection! Its greatest decoration is the advanced moon phase indicator with a maximum divergence of only one day in 122 years. The changing phases are indicated by the shadow of the Earth and not, as in most watches, the Moon. Another advantage is the possibility to buy the watch with the lunar phase on the right or left side for the northern or southern hemisphere. Equally important is the up-to-the-minute adjustment of the lunar phase on the clock face. Steampunk, however, is a collection for those who are looking for unique retro watches with a touch of industrial flair. Steampunk is an artistic style that refers to 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. SteamPunk watches perfectly reflect the nature of this style. Some models feature skeleton dials that allow you to admire the intricate mechanism of the watch. For the brand, the term minimalism doesn’t exist. Although the Classoco collection includes watches in subdued colours, their dials look very unique as they feature three discs of different sizes, which indicate the hour, minute and second. Doesn't it look stunning?

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