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  4. Blonie Klasyczne Men's Watch Blonie Klasyczne Men's Watch

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  5. Blonie BH300 Automatic Men's Watch Blonie BH300 Automatic Men's Watch

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  6. Blonie BH300 Automatic Men's Watch Blonie BH300 Automatic Men's Watch

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    Blonie BH300 Automatic Men's Watch Blonie BH300 Automatic Men's Watch
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Błonie is one of few Polish watch companies that has achieved worldwide success. Although the models are designed in the style of the 50s and 60s, they look elegant and subtle.

Meet Błonie - Polish watch brand

The origins of the brand date back to the 1950s. In 1956, the Polish authorities made a decision to start the production of wristwatches. Their debut took place in 1960 at the Poznań International Fair. At that time, production of watches was carried out under a Soviet licence. Therefore, Błonie’s first watches were made entirely out of Soviet-made parts. The watches were manufactured in a former match factory in Błonie, a town in Warsaw West County. Over time, the watch production developed to such an extent that the brand started to manufacture its own parts. During the decade, approximately 1.2 million watches were made. The most popular series and watches include “Bałtyk”, “Dukat” and “Lech”.

For various reasons, production was stopped in the 1970s. It wasn’t until 2014 that the current owners of the Błonie brand decided to resume the production of watches. As they explain, they did it for three reasons: passion for watches, love for Polish brands and the desire to create their own product. After the fall of communism, the brand stopped using Soviet-made parts and started applying top-class Swiss and Japanese movements. The brand’s designers draw inspiration from the style of the old-time models and that’s why Błonie watches look classic and elegant. Although they refer to old times, they feature modern trends as well.

Top quality in limited watch series - choose Błonie watches

Each watch undergoes a three-stage inspection, and is additionally thoroughly checked by a Polish watchmaker, who regulates the precision of the movement’s operation. Błonie watches are produced in strictly defined limited series. Each watch series was created to commemorate important events or people. For example, the BH300 collection is a tribute to Polish pilots from the 300 Squadron fighting in the Battle of Britain. These timepieces feature, among other things, an original rotor in the form of a Lancaster aircraft, which is visible through the see-through case back. The limited edition of Dukat watches also refers to the brand’s first models. The interior of the automatic movement clearly shows the Polish origin of production thanks to the white and red colours.

BH300 collection - a tribute to Polish pilots from the 300 Squadron

The Błonie brand commemorates the Polish pilots from the 300 Squadron that fought in the Battle of Britain. As you might expect, the design of the BH300 collection refers to the look of aviation clocks. The use of subdued colours (beige and brown) perfectly fits the atmosphere of the previous era and commemorates the heroic pilots in a beautiful way.

Who’s the Błonie watch for?

Błonie watches perfectly combine high quality workmanship with traditional design. They’re suitable for almost every outfit, both casual and formal. They will certainly be appreciated by men from the older generation. That's why they are perfect gift ideas for a father or grandfather. It goes without saying that Błonie watches will also appeal to younger users, thanks to their classic, minimalist style the brand is known for.

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