Who was Paul Hewitt? In the early 20th century, he was a master tailor who lived near London. When he met the love of his life, he decided to emigrate with his wife to Oldenburg, Germany. It was there that he decided to dedicate his life to tailoring. He set up his own clothes shop for gentlemen.

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    Zegarek Paul Hewitt Sailor Zegarek Paul Hewitt Sailor
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    Paul Hewitt Sailor PH-SA-R-ST-W-2M

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    Paul Hewitt Everpulse Women's Watch Paul Hewitt Everpulse Women's Watch
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    Paul Hewitt Everpulse PH002812

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    Paul Hewitt Everpulse Women's Watch Paul Hewitt Everpulse Women's Watch
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    Paul Hewitt Everpulse PH-E-GRM-GRM-52S

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The master developed his sewing brand, offering German precision mixed with English elegance. 100 years later, his grandson, looking for inspiration to open his watch and jewellery workshop, decided to draw on the maritime family traditions, based on what his grandfather had created.

Paul Hewitt watches - honesty and authenticity

Paul Hewitt is, above all, an honest and authentic brand which, with its quality and design, is gaining more and more fans. Reaching for the maritime motifs, the sailing company identifies itself with them, creating incredibly delightful collections of watches for both men and women. The models are created with passion and the highest attention to every detail, which makes them not only perfect time measuring devices, but also unusual accessories to everyday and formal outfits.

Paul Hewitt watches have a soul. The brand demonstrates that it’s possible to create timeless models for everyone. Patterns and colours will delight many men and women who are still looking for their style. German perfection and British chic are the most important features for the brand.

Paul Hewitt - watch collections

Paul Hewitt watches will impress you with their simplicity and at the same time with their incredible shine and elegance. The brand is committed to ensuring that everyone will find their own style. The Miss Ocean Line collection refers to the legend of mermaids, while Sailor Line represents timeless minimalism. The watch from this collection will suit every outfit and every occasion.

The Paul Hewitt brand is a class by itself. Check out the wide range of Paul Hewitt watches. We are sure you will fall in love with their design.

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