Sport watches from the Casio Protrek series are products for really demanding customers, especially for those who like spending their free time actively. This Casio collection includes models with advanced functions that work well when doing sports, including extreme sports. Many of the watch functions are also useful in everyday life. This category presents men's watches, designed in the modern style, which is typical for Casio.

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Casio Protrek Watches


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    Casio PROTREK Men's Watch Casio PROTREK Men's Watch
    €90.00 €77.00

    Casio Casio SGW-100-1VEF

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Are you an active person who is looking for a watch to accompany you in various challenging situations? Casio Protrek is a series designed for you! Check out our wide offer to find watch models with different functions.

The Casio Protrek watch as an ideal device for adrenaline lovers

Casio Protrek watches have been created primarily for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Thanks to the watch you can easily control the weather conditions, monitor the route of the march or check the time while running. The watches are equipped with, for example, a thermometer and barometer, which are irreplaceable during changing weather conditions in the mountains. These are devices which are able to quickly inform the user about the approaching weather breakdown and make it easier for the watch owner to decide on returning home. Another useful tool in Casio Protrek watches are compasses that accurately determine the sides of the world. The watches presented in this category are also ideal for water sports enthusiasts. They are water-resistant up to 200 meters, so they will be suitable, for example, for sailors or windsurfers.

The extraordinary usefulness of Casio Protrek - watches that you can trust

Protrek Casio watches were originally designed with athletes in mind, but now can be successfully worn on a daily basis as accessory to a casual outfit. Apart from the sports functions, the watches have other functions which make life easier, including a five-step alarm with snooze function and a possibility to display hours in different time zones. Triple Sensor technology created in 2013 which can be found, for example, in the model Casio Protrek PRW-3000-9BER includes three very sensitive sensors that allow for very accurate measurement of parameters, such as temperature, pressure, altitude and direction, which are useful especially during field trips. That is why although Protrek timepieces aren’t related to smartphones, they can be defined as "smart" watches.

Find great functions in Protrek sport watches

Watches from the Protrek collection are equipped with large electronic displays, which apart from showing the time, display additional information, such as thermometer and barometer indications, stopwatch results, etc. Importantly, the displays are illuminated by means of an innovative tool that sets the brightness of the LED on the basis of the surrounding lighting. The LED light switches on automatically when you raise your hand with your watch. Casio Protrek watches are also available with solar panels - Casio Protrek Solar Waveceptor. The batteries of these watches recharge themselves thanks to sunlight, which extends their life. The battery charge level is shown on the display. Casio Protrek Solar watches are a perfect choice for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

High water resistance of the Protrek watch 

There are different levels of water resistance that we can find in the models available on the market. The most common level of water resistance is 30ATM, which makes the watch splash-proof and 50ATM, which is resistant to rain. The exceptionality of the ProTrek series is that most of the models have a water resistance of 10ATM, or even 20ATM. Watches of 10ATM allow users to swim, while watches of 20ATM allow to dive to great depths without risk of damage. These are perfect models especially for those who lead an active lifestyle. 

Casio Protrek men's watches mean high resistance to damage

All Protrek watches are created to meet the expectations of athletes and people leading active lifestyle. They are made of durable and at the same time lightweight and comfortable materials. Most of the watches are made of stainless steel, but the manufacturer has also included in this collection special watches made of extremely durable titanium. Thanks to the use of this material, the watches work without any problems even if they are exposed to direct cold. The dials are protected by scratch-resistant mineral crystal.