The origins of the Seiko brand date back to 1881, when Japanese Kintaro Hattori founded his own watch-making manufactory. Its beginnings were not easy, due to the technological differences between Asian and Western European watchmaking. A breakthrough for Seiko turned out to be Hattori's trip to Europe, where the Japanese closely observed the world of watch production with the aim of transferring it to his native land. New technologies of production methods made the Seiko logo recognizable not only in Asia, but also on other continents in 1960.

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Seiko Diver Watches


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Waterproof accessories are a demanding subject. However, not every model is suitable for such demanding activities as swimming and diving at diving depths. Seiko Diver watches combine a well-stocked model with high water resistance and a great design. Bet on top-class accessories and choose Seiko Diver.

Seiko Diver watches - made for divers.

The Seiko brand is famous for producing watches created with the most demanding users in mind. An example are diver watches, which are dedicated to divers. These watches are characterized by high water resistance, which allows not only to swim, but also to dive to greater depths in an aqualung. Each model is equipped with a tachometer scale located on a rotating bezel, so you can use it underwater. Seiko Diver watches offer an impressive variety in terms of design, among which there is something for everyone. Supporters of elegant design, based on classic design, should stop at models whose envelopes are suspended on bracelets made of the highest quality stainless steel. The attention of those looking for a watch with a sporty character will be attracted by models equipped with straps made of non-restrictive plastic or rubber.

Men's Seiko Diver watch and its innovative technologies

The Seiko brand is not only impeccable and diverse design, but also technological solutions that go with the times. Among the diver models, you will find watches based on solar mechanisms, which draw energy to work through contact with any source of light, as well as watches for the operation of which automatic winding apparatuses are responsible, which are driven with each movement of the wrist of their owner.

The kinetic system of the Japanese Seiko Diver watch

An extremely innovative proprietary solution developed by the Seiko brand is the kinetic mechanisms, which combine the advantages of a classic quartz mechanism and an automatic winding apparatus. The principles of its operation are similar to the automatic mechanism, but the energy generated by the movement of the wrist is accumulated in a special capacitor, which eliminates the need to constantly wear the model on the hand, or to use a rotator.

Seiko Prospex PADI - a Seiko Diver watch for every circumstance.

Of special note among Seiko Diver watches is the Seiko Prospex PADI line. These watches will perform well not only when exposed to water, but also in climates of varying mountain temperatures. Each model has indexes and hands covered with a luminescent layer, so reading the current data from the dial is not a problem even in the most unfavorable lighting conditions.