Seiko is a world-renowned Japanese company that produces high-quality watches, characterized by remarkable design and excellent mechanism performance. The history of the brand began in 1881, when Kintaro Hattori established a jewelry and watch store "K. Hattori." Eleven years later, the first line of large timepieces, called "Seikosha"(Seiko jap. Excellent) was created, but it was not until 1913 that the "Laurel" collection of wristwatches was created. The company gradually rose to prominence, until it finally made it to the first league of manufacturers, offering a completely new quality in watch production.

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Seiko Prospex Watches


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Many of us, when looking for the perfect watch, choose the everyday one, because how best to match any styling. The Seiko Prospex watch is well suited to any creation and conditions, but will still make a refined and functional accessory for the active. All Seiko Prospex watches are incredibly tastefully made, making it impossible to take your eyes off them....

Seiko Prospex watches' uninterrupted performance

Seiko Prospex fits perfectly with the company's philosophy. Watches from this line do not require the installation of batteries for operation - these are models equipped with kinetic, automatic or solar mechanisms - charged through solar cells. The manufacturer even offers a quartz watch model, coming from a limited edition - the Seiko Prospex Tuna Diver. Seiko Prospex exemplars are also reliable watches, which are supposed to function without fail in underwater conditions, extreme altitudes or in the varied climates of mountains, lowlands and areas with diametrically opposed temperatures. Accordingly, separate collections have been created, separated by the manufacturer in categories related to the sea, air and land.

Watches for divers - choose a Seiko Prospex men's watch.

"Sea" watches are adapted to cope with the greatly increased pressure of the underwater world, and therefore have a very high level of waterproofing, sometimes reaching up to 1,000 meters. These watches, mostly known as Marinemaster or Diver, are equipped with highly visible indexes and hands, additionally covered with a luminescent layer. The watches operate on the basis of kinetic or automatic mechanisms with an increased number of bearing stones, translating into precise watch operation.

Aviation watches in the Seiko Prospex watch collection

On the other hand, "airplane" watches will be useful for all those who spend a lot of time at the helm of airplanes, both professionals and amateurs. The glasses of the watches are covered with an anti-reflective layer, thanks to which reading the time will always be possible, regardless of weather conditions. In addition, some models are equipped with additional instruments, useful for navigation, such as a chronograph, compass or gauges that remind you to maintain the correct altitude or fuel consumption. A sub-series representing this category are Seiko Prospex World Time watches, which also have information about time zones and the ability to read the time there.

Finally, the last "earth" watches can be considered the most versatile of all Prospex models. They are intended to function properly both in the hot climate of deserts and in the cold of circumpolar zones; moreover, they should also perform well in the conditions of survival expeditions. All this means that a watch of this type should be able to cope virtually anywhere. They are also characterized by a much softer appearance, making them more suitable for more everyday or even elegant styling. This group will include Seiko Prospex Landmaster and Seiko Solar watches, ideally suited as energy-efficient models that use renewable energy to power them.