Seiko Kinetic are some of the more popular watches from the Seiko brand - a Japanese manufacturer of exclusive watches that have managed to find their lovers all over the world. The reason for their great popularity is simple - it's the high quality of the products and the excellent drive systems. The kinetic mechanism in them is one of the most economical.

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Seiko Kinetic Watches


Most Popular
Most Popular

Seiko Kinetic watches are models designed specifically for gentlemen who require a watch to match any style. They have a very elegant character, and the use of high-quality materials will ensure that it will serve its wearer for a long time. What's more, it will also match a wide variety of styles. Choose a Seiko Kinetic watch and see for yourself the quality of the brand's products.

Japanese Seiko Kinetic watches - the new principle of conservation of energy.

One of the reasons for the popularity of Seiko watches around the world is the modern technologies used in their production. Seiko engineers have to their credit several solutions that have entered widespread use and are the object of admiration and envy of the competition. Such technology is Seiko Kinetic, the world's first system that combines the operation of an automatic and quartz watch - it uses the fact that the watch is in motion while on the owner's wrist to recharge its battery. Thanks to special rechargeable batteries, it is possible to accumulate the necessary energy and store it for up to 6 months. Thanks to this, even a watch that has not been used for a while is immediately ready for use after wearing it.

Men's Seiko Kinetic watches - choose a unique style.

Several of the most popular models from the Seiko Kinetic series were included in our store. These are classic-style watches, designed for men who care about their image. Seiko Kin etic watches are available in colors that will suit most men's styles. They are combinations of black, white, brown and silver. Characteristic of Seiko Kinetic watches are large dials with clear indexes and hands in contrasting colors. A useful feature is the date stamp located at 3 o'clock. Our customers can choose watches with leather straps or bracelets made of stainless steel.

Exceptional quality of each Seiko Kinetic watch

Seiko Kinetic watches exemplify the high quality workmanship for which the Japanese company is famous. The basic material of the watch's envelope is stainless steel - a durable and scratch-resistant material. Some models also have steel bracelets. The dial of the watch is protected by mineral-hardened glass, which is not damaged even in the case of stronger impacts. Seiko Kinetic watches have precise and reliable quartz mechanisms, powered by batteries in the already mentioned Kinetic technology. All models of Seiko watches offered by our store have certificates of originality, company boxes and warranty cards.