Oris is a Swiss brand that has been manufacturing watches for over 100 years. The company is known for making only mechanical watches. According to the company, mechanical watches reflect the watchmaking tradition, and therefore are the best watch movements. Oris is a unique brand not only due to its movements, but also the design. The style of models is emphasized by the trademark symbol, which is the red rotor.

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Oris Watches


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    Oris Artelier Automatic Men's Watch Oris Artelier Automatic Men's Watch
    €1,978.00 €1,682.00

    Oris Artelier Automatic 01 733 7721 4055-07 8 21 88

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    Oris Aquis Automatic Men's Watch Oris Aquis Automatic Men's Watch
    €2,092.00 €1,778.00

    Oris Aquis Automatic 01 733 7730 4124-07 5 24 10EB

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Oris products are an excellent proposal for people who appreciate traditional and reliable solutions.

Oris Watches: Designed by tradition

Oris has been manufacturing watches since 1904 and is still committed to its heritage in watchmaking. The designers of this brand manufacture products that operate for years without compromising performance. ‘Go Your Own Way’ by Oris is a philosophy that encapsulates the key values by which the brand functions: watches are created for everyone. It’s a tradition for Oris to use a reliable manual movement. The brand offers mechanical watches with manual or automatic winding. A mechanical movement is nothing more than a tribute to the watchmaking tradition passed down through the generations. The “Swiss Made” label, regulated by Swiss law, is proof of how traditional the Oris brand is in the production process. This designation also means that the company manufactures all the elements of a watch in Switzerland. The Oris brand is therefore synonymous with prestige.

Various Oris watch collections

The Oris brand divides its watch collections into four different categories: aviation, diving, motor sport and culture. Thanks to this division, we can easily see that the company, together with its products, reaches as many groups of customers as possible.

The Oris watch is an ideal choice for pilots

The sky world is dominated by watches, which are designed for aviation lovers and pilots. The brand’s manufacturers have created watches that highlight important aviation events. Oris timepieces are also useful during flights thanks to a built-in altimeter.

Oris - watches for divers

Oris offers interesting models, which will be especially appreciated by diving enthusiasts. The models of this brand feature a high level of water resistance, a mechanism for displaying the equivalent depth in water and an easy-to-read dial, thanks to which we will always be able to read the time.

Oris watches accompany automotive emotions

Motorisation accompanies us in our everyday life. The Oris brand therefore produces models that are inspired by car brands or, more specifically, particular car models that are loved by consumers around the world. There are also watches that are a tribute to car racing or to breakthrough automotive events.

Oris - commitment to culture

The Oris brand is associated with culture, especially jazz music. Among the many models of this brand, there are those dedicated to stars of this genre, such as Bob Dylan, John Coltrane or Chet Baker. The company also invests in many jazz events.

Oris is independent in its creation. Thanks to the freedom to construct its own models, the brand can satisfy their customers with unique products straight from its Swiss manufactures. Oris watches are designed to meet the needs of every customer. The products are distinguished by the fact that they enhance the interests of their owners and are a perfect complement to various outfits. Join the elite group of Oris watch owners. You can buy a model in-store or online.

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