The Victorinox brand is a widely recognized company associated with the production of high-end steel products. Its long tradition of creating knives has helped it embark on new challenges, such as producing watches of exceptional quality.

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Victorinox Women's Watches

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Victorinox - the beginnings of the business

The company was founded by Karl Elsener in 1884 in Switzerland. Initially, the company was named "Victoria" in honor of the founder's mother, but after the introduction of stainless steel "inox", the company adopted the name "Victorinox". Just a few years after the start of the business, the knife created by Elsener was patented. This model is produced today and is known as the Swiss officer's knife. The legendary product of this brand is, for example, on the equipment of NASA astronauts, Himalayan explorers and polar explorers. Thus, the brand has carved out a permanent place in the consciousness of many people around the world, which is why it decided to expand its business into the production of high-end watches.

Women's Victorinox watches - sporty elegance for every woman.

Through Victorinox's long tradition of creating practical products, watches are also an extension of the brand's philosophy. The watches are manufactured with great attention to the quality of materials. The practical aspect of the watch is combined with its elegant design. Therefore, the brand's watches will work well not only during physical activities, but also complement the elegant detailing. This is a perfect product for any woman who likes to combine these two elements of her life.