The Victorinox brand is known, or at least everyone has heard of it. It is a manufacturer of high-end products made of steel - mainly Victorinox knives. However, the brand has not closed itself to the production of other items - it also creates high-end watches, the quality of which is known worldwide. Victorinox watches are gaining a high reputation due to the manufacturer's previous class, making them among the absolute top of Swiss elegant watches. Anyone who owns a Victorinox watch can be sure of its high quality and reliability - just like the manufacturer's Swiss knives.

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Victorinox Watches

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Victorinox brand one of the most famous watch manufacturers with a long tradition. It is not a brand associated only with the production of watches. For many, it is primarily a steel products company. Its greatest fame came with a contract for the Swiss army, which equipped soldiers' knives of the highest quality. The Victorinox brand has a variety of watch models for both men and women, so it will satisfy any fan of elite watches.

The humble beginnings of the Victorinox watch manufacturer

The Victorinox brand was founded in 1884 as a modest knife-making workshop. There was poverty in Ibach, in the Swiss canton of Schwyz, as indeed in all of Switzerland, so the nascent enterprise was a great opportunity for both the owner and local residents. Commitment made it possible for the company to grow while helping to stem mass unemployment and emigration, and just seven years later it signed an agreement with the Swiss army to supply a batch of soldier's knives, the production of which continued for many years afterwards, providing the Victorinox brand with great recognition. Some time later, the Victorinox brand also launched high-end watches, the quality of which was not at all inferior to the legendary knives.

Which Victorinox watches to choose?

Among the offered models of Victorinox watches there is no shortage of every type - both for men and ladies, elegant, aviation or sports watches. Commitment and well-thought-out production process make each of them distinguished by extreme accuracy and unique beauty. In particular, aviation models seem particularly refined, as do models with manual-winding mechanisms.

Is it worth choosing a Victorinox watch?

The answer is simple - yes! Choosing one of the models of Victorinox watches, you do not get just a watch, but all the Swiss precision and reliability that characterizes all the products there. What's more, if you choose some Victorinox models, you will also receive a pocket knife from this manufacturer, which will assist you in your daily activities.

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