Can watches cause a skin allergic reaction?

Do you have sensitive skin and often experience discomfort when wearing a watch? Do you have itchy rash or swollen wrists? Do red spots appear on your skin after taking the watch off? These are nothing more than allergic reactions, which often make it impossible to put on jewellery or watches. Do allergic reactions apply to all models? Keep on reading to find out which watches will be the best choice for allergy sufferers.

Causes of skin allergies and irritations

At the very beginning it is important to explain what an allergy is and where it comes from. An allergy is an immune system response to a foreign substance. These foreign substances are called allergens. They can include fibres, certain foods, medications, or even viruses, bacteria and fungi. Therefore, our immune system produces antibodies to protect our body from specific invaders and keep us healthy.

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What are the symptoms of allergies?

The symptoms can differ depending on the body. When the watch case or bracelet touches the skin, the reactions such as rash, spots and itching may appear. The skin may burn, itch, become sensitive, red or very pale. People who are more susceptible to allergies will also have an increased body temperature. In the case of a really strong allergy, the following symptoms will appear: breathing difficulties, swelling, runny nose and even anaphylaxis. When it comes to watches, such reactions are usually caused by nickel, which is added to various metal alloys, gold, sometimes silver and stainless steel (although the latter, depending on its quality, can be as safe as e.g. ceramics).

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Hypoallergenic watches and fibres

In order to avoid unpleasant allergic symptoms, allergy sufferers should choose watches without nickel. They should go for models made of titanium, ceramics, tungsten and tisten (tisten is mainly used for jewellery). Below you will find some men’s and women’s models for allergy sufferers, which are 100% safe.

Women’s watches for allergy sufferers

1. Bisset Titanium

The first proposal for allergy sufferers is a very elegant yet modern Bisset Titanium BSBE83DISX03BX watch, which impresses with its beautiful colours maintained in silver. What’s important is that both the bracelet and the case are made entirely of hypoallergenic titanium. Moreover, the watch is equipped with a reliable quartz movement. The white dial is covered with mineral crystal, which is highly resistant to impacts and scratches that can occur during everyday use.

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2. Adriatica Titanium

Adriatica Titanium A3182.4116Q is also designed for allergy sufferers and is characterised by its class, simplicity, subdued colours and Swiss Made quality. This model will work well with both casual and elegant outfits. That is why it is a great accessory for women who don’t like to change their watch several times a day. The classic black dial with a date display and a silver case (which doesn’t cause skin allergies and irritations) give the model a tasteful look. The case is made entirely of titanium, which, apart from being hypoallergenic, is also extremely durable and very resistant to damage.

3. Festina Ceramic

The beauty of Festina Ceramic F20474/4 lies in its unique design. It is mainly made of ceramics, a hypoallergenic material that is safe for the skin, and thus doesn’t cause unwanted allergic reactions. That is why it’s the perfect solution for allergy sufferers who are allergic to nickel. This watch also features the unique look and subtle decorations. A silver bracelet combined with black links perfectly matches an elegant, dark dial. The attention is drawn to the simple and unsophisticated design, which is expressed by gold indices and hands as well as shiny zirconias. The watch is ideal for evening outings and special occasions. It can also be worn for work.

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Men’s watches for allergy sufferers

1. Junghans Max Bill Mega Solar

Junghans Max Bill Mega Solar 059/2022.48 will be perfect for allergy sufferers who like accessories with minimalist design of the highest quality. The seemingly delicate mesh bracelet as well as the thin case are made of strong titanium. The advantage of this watch is a top quality and innovative radio-controlled solar movement with calibre Connected J101.85. The watch has a light grey dial protected by a convex plexiglass with a scratch-resistant coating.

2. Bisset Ice Chronograph

Bisset Ice Chronograph BSFE11BIBD03AX is a model designed for men, which combines original style, fashion and functionality. Dark, matt colours are broken with blue accents. The watch is equipped with a useful chronograph, a date display and a luminescent coating. The most important thing, however, is the material from which it is made. The bracelet and case are made of ceramics, which is resistant to abrasion and scratches. What’s more is doesn’t cause skin allergies.

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3. Adriatica Moon Phase

Are you looking for a watch that is suitable for allergy sufferers? Adriatica Moon Phase A1145.4116QF is a perfect men’s model as its bracelet and case are made of titanium, which is scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic. Moreover, it is characterised by extreme durability and comfort of wearing. The watch looks very modern and elegant, and can be worn on an everyday basis as well as for special occasions.

What to do when you experience an allergic reaction to a watch?

If, for some reason, you have bought a watch that has started to cause skin allergic reactions, remember to take it off from your wrist as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to ask your doctor or pharmacist for help and advice. This rule applies to any substance that may cause an allergic reaction. Remember also not to take any drugs or steroids on your own without consulting your dermatologist or doctor of first contact. Unfortunately, this is a bit difficult when you cannot take off your watch for an unknown reason. In this case, it is best to place an insulating material under the case or underneath the whole watch in order to separate the device from the skin.

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Remember to check the metal specifications before buying a watch or jewellery. Only then you can be sure that your accessories are safe for your health.

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