Grovan women's watches have been demonstrating, for nearly 100 years, Swiss precision and high craftsmanship. They delight with their traditional, timeless design and practicality. What distinguishes the brand is quality, as well as attention to detail, plus, Grovana watches are assembled by hand.

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Grovana Women's Watches

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Elegance not for millions? Opt for women's Grovan watches. Each model is a real gem of watchmaking, which confirms that you do not need to spend all your savings on a watch that will last for years. In our offer you will find a full range of different women's Grovana watches - choose yours now!

Grovana watches - a brand with traditions

The Grovana brand, founded in 1924 as a family business and using the slogan "Your time is our tradition", changed its name from Hans Groffin AG to the current one in 1970. In the 1980s it began to conquer the market of Central and Eastern Europe with its products, made according to the Swiss art of watchmaking. Today, Grovana watches are distributed in 80 countries around the world.

Elegance and original classics of women's series of Grovana watches

The store offers women's Grovana watches from such collections as Traditional, Classic, Dressline, Lifestyle and Ceramic Lady, among others. Grovana Traditional and Grovana Classic watches are both ladies' and men's versions. They are characterized by a simple cut, a universal style suitable for any occasion and a clear dial for easy reading of the time. All models are waterproof, and the dial is protected by sapphire glass (9 points on the Mohs scale). Some models are equipped with a date stamp.

Jewelry inspiration in Grovana women's watch

Grovana Dressline and Grovana Ceramic Lady are two series of ladies' watches dedicated exclusively to women. They present an intimate style while impressing with delicate, unobtrusive decorations. Grovana Lifestyle watches is suitable for ladies who want something more from a watch than for it to be merely useful. This series simultaneously combines practicality with chic and subtle jewelry.

The different and varied design of the watches and the functions offered make it easy for each lady to find her own original Grovan watch.

Why should you buy Grovan watches?

It's worth trying Grovan women's watches, especially since it's a brand with Swiss Made certification, which guarantees top quality, precision and reliability. The advantage is also the affordable price, which allows even the most demanding customers to admire the Swiss watchmaking tradition.